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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

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Although everything upon The Truth About God is navigable using easily locatable text links, we have added the site map for increased functionality and convenience. Hopefully, you'll find it useful. In either case, it's here if you need it... and we have attempted to add in some increased functionality, as well. Please let us know, if you like it....

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*** NOTES: 
While every effort has been taken to ensure the complete and scriptural accuracy of the articles upon The Truth About God, we cannot say the same for any external links or informational videos. We have merely chosen the very best from those Currently Available Online. Being a handful of private individuals, we do not have the resources to produce our own - at this time.
While we do advertise some article related religious books on The Truth About God, these are merely the best of the available choices upon and not wholeheartedly endorsed by this site. As you are probably already aware, even the best of these resources contain: Gross Misinformation, Blatant Falsehoods, and [ even ] Spiritual Errors. We feel confident, however, that most of you have already learned to read between the lines - when utilizing Babylon's Own Published Materials.
The Only Safe Mediums for obtaining ' The Truth ' are The Sacred Scriptures - themselves - as so lovingly provided by Yahweh and His prophets! Remember to: " Test All Things and hold fast to that which is good " and everything will truly work itself out in the end....

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