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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is America: "Babylon The Great," Or, "The False Prophet" - You Decide ....

Increasing Demonstrations In The United States.
As America increasingly stumbles and falters, more and more people around the globe are being intuitively led to the scriptures which prophesy: "The Imminent Destruction Of Babylon...." And considering, that we are already living within: "The Third Seal Of Revelation,"  this isn't [really] so surprising! But, are they 'Truly Correct' in [honestly] jumping to such rapid and naturally-minded conclusions? Could it be, that: "Babylon The Great" - whose true destruction follows that of: "His Deceptive False Prophet" - is an entirely different and even more pervasive entity?

Just because A Very Rich and Powerful Nation is well upon its way to destruction, doesn't necessarily make her "Babylon The Great!" In fact, numerous modern day nations are living with End Time Proclamations against them - according to the sacred scriptures.

Some Modern Day Examples:
  • The European Union [aka, Babylon The Great].
  • The United States [aka, The False Prophet and The Descendants Of Ancient Tyre].
  • The United Kingdom [aka, The Descendants Of Sidon].
  • Italy [aka, The Descendants Of Chaldea].
  • Germany [aka, The Descendants Of Assyria Proper].
  • Egypt, Its Lesser Kingdoms, and Ethiopia [aka, The Currently Rising Islamic Caliphate].
  • And [even] Syria....
For all of These Modern Day Nations have [actively] conspired against Yahweh, over the entire course of Earth's History. None of them stands blameless before Him. And Yahweh has appointed a specified time for each of their own Physical Destructions!

So, for The First Side In This Debate - please watch the following, YouTube Video... and then, consider The Proper and Scriptural Response - which I have included after it.

YahshuaTheKing a video blogger with "Fairly Good Insight" into the scriptures....

The Tower Of Babel was the symbol of What Nation?
In the above referenced video - and so many others like it - the assumption is made, That America [itself] is: "Babylon The Great." A Nation that: Was [in existence, shortly after the flood], Is Not [in existence, during most of Earth's history], And Yet Is [once again, in existence, at The Time Of The End]... A Nation, comprising three distinct races of people: The Assyrians, The Chaldeans, and The Babylonians... A Nation, which is directly ruled over by: "The Mother Of Harlots..." and A Nation, which includes Numerous: Separate Cultures, Diverse Languages, and Distinct Peoples. All, of these things, being clearly recorded in The Scriptures....

No, friends, this isn't any sort of true description for America, at all. In fact, if anything, it clearly describes The Modern Day European Union. The fact, that America is [indeed] failing - at this particular juncture in time - is, actually, further proof of this fact! For, the utter destruction of  Babylon The Great's own political champion: "The False Prophet" - must [factually] occur first.... And, who is Babylon's [Long Prophesied] False Prophet? It is, The "Latter Day" Nation Of Tyre.

Now Consider, The Descriptions Of: "Latter Day" Tyre....

From, Isaiah Chapter 18:
  • "A land shadowed with buzzing wings" [it possesses numerous forms of air transportation].
  • "Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia" [it is located geographically far past Ethiopia's borders].
  • "Which sends its ambassadors by sea" [it is factually across the ocean from it].
  • "A nation tall and smooth of skin" [the people are physically tall and clean shaven].
  • "A people terrible from their beginning onward" [they are described as predominantly Assyrians].
  • "A nation powerful and treading down" [they are a military superpower].
  • "Whose land the rivers divide" [their nation is divided by a very large river system].
  • "When he lifts up a banner, you see it" [everyone upon the earth watches his doings].
  • "When he blows a trumpet, you hear it" [everyone takes interest in his military battles].
  • "In that time, a present will be brought to Yahweh" [Israel now dwells among them].

From, Isaiah Chapter 23:
  • "From the land of the west it is revealed to them" [it is located in The West].
  • "Be still, you inhabitant of the coastland" [it is surrounded by lots of water].
  • "You merchants of Sidon" [they are the merchants of England].
  • "Whom those who cross the sea have filled" [they are masters of sea trade].
  • "And on the great waters" [they are located between the two largest oceans].
  • "The harvest of the river, is her revenue" [they profit from their centrally located river system].
  • "She is a marketplace for the nations" [all other nations trade with her].
  • "Is this your joyous city" [they aren't originally from there].
  • "Whose antiquity is from ancient days" [they are from a much older nation state].
  • "Whose feet carried her far off to sojourn" [she is now thousands of miles from Tyre].
  • "Whose merchants are princes" [its merchants are counted among the most powerful].
  • "Whose traders are the honorable of the earth" [they generate more revenue than other countries].
  • "To bring to dishonor the pride of all glory" [they are factually the most prideful and nationalistic nation upon the earth].
  • "This people which was not" [this nation arose from out of nowhere].
  • "She will return to her pay after 2520 days" [she exerts her worldwide influence, starting in 1946].

From, Ezekiel Chapter 26:
  • "It shall be a place for spreading nets in the midst of the sea" [it is located between the two oceans].
  • "The Coastlands will shake at the sound of its fall" [who shall they now trade with?]
  • "O one inhabited by seafaring men" [they are the masters of the world's oceans].
  • "O renowned city" [it is the most famous and admired of all the nations].
  • "Who was strong at sea" [no one else could effectively defeat them in the world's oceans].
  • "Their terror to be on all her inhabitants" [everyone effectively feared her great navies].
  • "The coastlands are trouble by your departure" [all who do trade by sea will be astonished].
From, Ezekiel Chapter 27:
  • "Who are situated at the entrance of the sea" [they have access to all of the world's great oceans].
  • "Merchant of the people on many coastlands" [they trade with everyone by sea].
  • "You have said, 'I am perfect in beauty'" [they greatly look down upon other nations].
  • "Your borders are in the midst of the seas" [they are protected by great oceans].
  • "Your builders have perfected your beauty" [it is an incredibly affluent nation].
  • "Your own wisemen, O Tyre, were in you" [they developed their own new technologies, as a world leader, in doing so].
  • "They became your pilots" [new technology was its driving societal force].
  • "To market your merchandise" [everyone wanted the new technologies that they largely offered].
  • "What city is like Tyre" [there is no other nation like it anywhere].

From, Obadiah:
  • "The pride of your heart has deceived you" [it is a very prideful nation].
  • "You who dwell in the clefts of the rock" [it has built, for itself, many: Deeply Underground, Well-Fortified, and even Hidden Cities].
  • "Whose habitation is high" [its personal arrogance is extreme].
  • "Though you exalt yourself as high as the eagle" [they proclaim this symbol for themselves].
  • "Though you set your nest among the stars" [they build and man space stations].
  • "All the men in your confederacy" [they are a collection of Interdependent States].
  • "Shall force you to the border" [these States are very angry with their national entity].
  • "The men at peace with you" [it possesses numerous military and political allies].
  • "Shall deceive you and prevail against you" [its allies are not its true friends].
  • "Those who eat your bread" [it provides financial aid to other countries].
  • "Shall lay a trap for you" [but those beneficiary nations despise it for its tremendous wealth and affluence]. 
  • "No one is aware of it" [because they are all plotting against this one nation in secret]. 

From, Joel Chapter 2 [verse 20]:
  • "But I will remove far from you the northern army [of Tarshish, or Tyre], And will drive him away [by the brutal force of still other nations] into a barren and desolate land [one that is, then, largely uninhabited], With his face [its prominent cities] toward the eastern sea [The Atlantic] And his back [or its lesser cities] toward the western sea [The Pacific]; His stench will come up [in 1946 - after my 2520 year prophecy] And his foul odor shall rise [due to his own unwise actions], Because he has done monstrous things [in My sight; and in the sight of all other nations]."

From, Revelation Chapter 13 [verses 11-18]:
  • "Beast coming up out of the earth" [it arose in an undeveloped land].
  • "He had two horns like a lamb" [it practiced a separation of church and state].
  • "It spoke like a dragon" [it trampled upon other sovereign nations].
  • "It exercised all the authority of the first beast in his presence" [it acted as the first beast's: military right arm and worldwide political spokesman].
  • "And causes everyone to worship the first beast" [that, Babylon The Great might continuously remain concealed and/or hidden].
  • "He makes fire come down from heaven" [it utilizes Nuclear Weapons in warfare].
  • "He deceives those who dwell on the earth" [through its ongoing spiritual propaganda and false media coverage - watched everywhere].
  • "He tells everyone to create images of restored Babylon" [it advocates the adoption of continental-wide political unions].
  • "To give breath to the image of the beast" [it speaks on behalf of The European Union].
  • "He causes all to receive a mark upon their right hands or on their foreheads" [it creates the RFID Chip; and champions its world-wide adoption].

Surrounded by oceans, and Divided by a massive river system?
Do I really need to continue? The United States is not only The Restored Nation Of Tyre and The Long Prophesied False Prophet, but its destruction [which is now quite imminent] comes about sequentially prior to: "The Destruction Of Babylon The Great" - according to the scriptures. Thus, fleeing to The European Union is like jumping out of the frying pan and right back into the fire... for Europe [itself] is equally slated for its own physical destruction - by those, to both: The North and The East of it!

It builds its nests, in the heavens?
Wake Up, People... "The Scriptures Are Of No Private Interpretation!" Nor, were they given to us - so that: Wicked, Fearful, and Spiritually Ignorant People might escape Yahweh's promised and justifiable wrath! It was given to instill: "The Proper Attitude Of Repentance" - prior to the occurrence of His Own Personal Judgments - which are, in fact: "The Seven Trumpets," or, "The Seven Vials Of His Out-Poured Wrath."

Makes, "Fire Come Down From Heaven?"
Rather than: "Running Off, Half-Cocked" or, "Blindly Fleeing America" - based upon: Terribly Faulty, Naturally Obtained, and Ill-Conceived Information - why not, More-Closely Examine The Scriptures and see what They Truly Do Say about these things? Both: Your Physical and Spiritual Life are [now] hanging in the balance of this Ongoing Theological Debate! It is said, that, in the end: "The Cream Always Rises To The Top..." and, "True Knowledge can only come from Yahweh - as given by His prophets."

Its Navies control the world's oceans?
And when Spiritual Israel is [finally] ready to listen to one, then Yahweh's True Prophets shall tell them: [precisely] Where To Go, [definitively] What To Bring, and [exactly] What To Do - when you get there!

In the meantime,

Ahava and Shalom. 


  1. Thanks for the great scriptures. Do you also post warnings about false teachers? This Pastor, Dr. Jim Richards preaches Jesus as a sinner and he should really be exposed. Here is an article that explains his false doctrine.

  2. You're Welcome....

    No, I don't. There are far too many False Teachers to [honestly] keep track of them... much less, their various: Outright Lies, Twisted Doctrines, and/or Subtly Wrong Teachings... and, I am only man.

    I have found that it is far better to focus all of my own energies upon revealing: "The Truth" - as written down and properly given in The Scriptures themselves! Knowing [specifically] who not to trust, doesn't really help anyone - since Yahshua has already told you not to implicitly trust anyone [including me].

    Although I would never intentionally steer you wrong, it is possible that I too may make a mistake accidentally. Place your trust solidly and squarely in The Scriptures themselves... and you can't go wrong!

    Besides, Yahweh is The Judge; and Not Me....

    Thanks, for taking the time to leave a comment. It's greatly appreciated!

    If you appreciated the article, then please take the time to share this link with others. I am not an SEO genius, and I don't have the budget to broadly advertise upon my own.



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