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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Third Seal Of Revelation: Worldwide Financial And Currency Collapse

The Third Woe is already here, albeit unknown to many....
While The Third Seal Of Revelation isn't a world war - like the ones occurring before it -  the end results will be equally as destructive for the majority of all humanity... and, contrary to common knowledge, it has already begun to exert its rapidly expanding influence. While most people envision Our Current Worldwide Economic Crisis as merely a mild economic disruption with minimal long term consequences, the dominoes - having been carefully and quietly set into place - will assure far greater economic upheaval than any past historical event! Meanwhile, tens of millions will [unfortunately] die - through disease and starvation - as a very real and inescapable consequence.

Consider The Following Scriptural Passage:
  • "When He opened The Third Seal, I heard the third living creature say, 'Come and see.' And I looked, and behold, A Black Horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine." - Revelation 6:5-6.

Economist Peter Schiff on Tech Ticker....
While The Austrian Economists [such as: Gerald Celente, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, and Peter Schiff] foresee  a much greater crisis to develop within the next two physical years,  they are still formulating their Professional Economic Opinions along the more recent lines of Past Historical Occurrence... for they lack the more relevant advantage of Prophetical and Scriptural Insight. Nor, have they [more fully] grasped The True Causative Nature behind these ongoing political events! Rather, they only see its factual occurrence as the inevitable culmination of: Grossly Coincidental, Highly Foolish, and  Systemically Lamentable Choices of a purely unintentional Political and Economic nature.
Frankly, for most of us, the alternative is far too heinous to openly consider; and The World's Economists are no different than the rest of us in that one specific regard. Who [honestly] wants to believe "The Truth" about what is now factually happening around us? Who can honestly "Handle The Truth" that is blatantly occurring before our very own eyes?

How many "Random Coincidences" are even possible?
At some basic level, we are all experiencing our own individual and personal denial. Even as I seek to educate others to what is honestly occurring, I [myself] earnestly desire to be found completely wrong - regarding these Alarmingly Prophetical Occurrences!  And yet, I fully understand that I'm unmistakeably and painstakingly correct... for there is far too much combined Scriptural and Historical Evidence to honestly and openly consider any other gargantuan string of "Coincidental Possibilities" - no matter how plausible they might seem, when being viewed individually.

Among These Evidences:
  • The First Seal Of Revelation [World War I] has already occurred at the precise juncture in our collective history, as having been given in the scriptures: "When people are moving to and fro and knowledge is greatly increasing..." as compared to the vast majority of our relatively unchanging human history.
  • The Second Seal Of Revelation [World War II] has long since past - which led to the creation of a potential One World Governing Framework creatively being labeled: "The United Nations." More importantly, that highly sought after international creation grows increasingly stronger every single day.
  • The First Rumored War [The Cold War] has already completed its objective by generating Worldwide: Fear, Distrust, and Panic toward All Individual State Sovereignties. Thus, loosening our own [ever weaker] Political Grip upon them.
  • The Second Rumored War [The War On Terror] is well underway and is generating an equivalent amount of Worldwide: Fear, Distrust, and Panic with respect to Our Own Individual Human Freedoms. While obscuring The True Reasons behind the readily apparent and growing Worldwide Political Tyranny.
  • And The Worldwide: Economic, Financial, and Currency Collapse is being Intentionally Accelerated by the ongoing and willful actions of our ruling Illuminati Elite -  against the expressed will of their [supposedly] Democratic Constituencies across our entire globe.

Who are these people.... and [precisely] who are they working for? It, most certainly, isn't us - the voters! They aren't even pretending to listen, anymore.... Instead, they are merely labeling us: "Conspiracy Theorists," "Disgruntled Workers," "Political Dupes," "Racists," "Religious Whackos," and/or "Domestic Terrorists" - in order to discredit our inevitable and invaluable contributions towards any ongoing political dialogue. Why should they do this, if they have nothing to [honestly] conceal? Investigations, Political Discourse, and Open Ended Questions are only dangerous, when there is something to hide from certain numerously injured parties, after all. This is very strange behavior, coming from those who have nothing at all to hide... Don't, you think?

Therefore, What Are THEY Honestly Hiding?

What's with the whole "Skull and Bones" Symbology?
THEY are concealing the fact, that they are quietly taking over the entire planet through: Political, Economic, and Ideological Means... THEY are currently utilizing our: Political Parties, Corporate Industry, Educational Institutions, and [even] Religious Bodies against us... and THEY have increasingly subjugated us - by continually appealing to Our Own Baser Human Natures! Through the utilization of [artificially generated] Mass Sociological: Fear, Panic, and Paranoia - THEY have forced us to choose their own Agenda Driven Political Directions, while operating upon an Instinctual or Primordial Level... and thus, THEY have deprived us of acting wisely - based upon our own God-Given and Spiritual Discernment.

And To What Purpose Are THEY Doing It?

Lucifer's "All Seeing Eye" - watches over them.
Their goal - as fully prophesied thousands of years ago - is: "The Unification Of The Entire Earth, Under One Elite Planetary Ruler-Ship..." "Absolute Political Authority And Control Vested In One [As Yet, Unnamed] Individual..." "Without Any Constitutional And/Or Contractual Human Protections..." and "Without Any Other Protective Sovereignty To Appeal To!" We must simply take it: "As A Matter Of Blind Trust," that THEY have our own "Best Interests" at heart... and that They [even] know what our Individual Best Interests are.... Come On, Folks - It's Time To Wake Up!!!!

Just Stop For A Moment And Consider This:

Even "The Best: Kings, Queens, Tyrants, and/or Dictators" have been abominable aberrations - towards their own more numerous and politically diverse subjects... trampling over hundreds of groups for the situational benefit of yet others... and only held in check, by the sheer volume of their: Well-Equipped, Carefully Calculating, and Equally Sovereign Political Enemies! Where is the: "Peace and Safety" to be found, by our handing of the entire planet over to any tyrant - no matter how [seemingly] Benevolent?

For all the problems - inherent, through the retaining of our own Nationalistic Sovereignties - The Greatest Threat To Our: Wealth, Property, Freedom, Life, and Limb is to allow anyone "Absolute And Total Control" Over Our Planet! If: "Political Power Corrupts," and "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" - upon an already politically fragmented planet - then what should we [honestly] expect under One, Solitary, and Highly-Centralized Planetary Government? Will it be Demonstratively Beneficial? Obviously Not!

A Rebuilt: "Tower Of Ancient Babylon?" 
Even without their ongoing: "Luciferian Agenda" - which seeks the overthrow of all commonly accepted social mores - such an accumulation of political power into one set of hands would be Political Insanity... and yet, we are now being swiftly herded into it by the most bloodthirsty and ravenous wolves conceivable! What are all of you people honestly thinking? Have we not learned anything from our own ongoing and extremely bloody history? Look around your own: Neighborhoods, Churches, and [even] Families - is there anyone whom you might [factually] trust with such Absolute Political Power? I wouldn't even trust my own self, under such lopsided political conditions.

But, Why A Worldwide Economic Crisis?

Because THEY need both An Economic Excuse and Political Justification for the adoption of a: One World Currency, Global Economic Framework, and Centralized Financial System - to forcefully compel us into their One World Governmental System [aka, "The New World Order" and/or "Babylon The Great"].

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