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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Best Investment Advice, That You'll Ever Receive From Yahweh....

The Third Seal Of  Revelation has already begun.
While Many Have Truthfully Chosen: "The Gospel Of Greed" over "The True Gospel Of Yahshua"  - thanks to Babylon's Numerous False Shepherds - The Sacred Scripture does offer excellent Long Term Financial Advice... and, it also includes, Some Very-Timely and [even] Highly-Specific Instructions - pertaining to specific: Seasons, Times, and Events - of Certain Historical Significance.

For Instance, "The Third Seal Of Revelation" is described as:

Of course, Such Highly-Useful Information wouldn't mean anything to His Own Followers, if they hadn't noticed: The Two World Wars [Revelation Chapter 6] and The Two Great Rumors [Mathew chapter 24] - which had already preceded it. After all, The Scriptures state, that many shall be: "Sleeping Soundly At That Time..." and that: "Only The Very Elect Shall [Honestly] Understand These Things" - after they have [factually] already occurred. For, Such Proper Understandings will not be available - from within, The Churches Of Spiritual Babylon... but only made manifest, through Yahweh's Own True Spirit!

A Short Explanation Of  Monetary Policy.
While The Financial World is cautioning you to: "Purchase Property and Material Goods" [as a hedge against The Looming Currency Crisis], Yahweh Says: "Sell Your Property and Material Goods" [to purchase your own Silver and Gold Coinage]. Why, does He say this, you ask? It's very simple... please, let me explain.

There are Two Entirely Different Types Of People, upon the Earth. Those Who Serve Yahweh: "In Spirit And In Truth," and Those Who Serve Themselves: "In Lies And In Deceit..." and each of These Two Groups, has a set appointment with their own Physical and Spiritual Destiny.

While "Babylon The Great" is telling The Natural Man: To Dig In, Store Up, and Stockpile The Necessities Of Life [which they fully intend to take away from you, within the near future, anyway], the majority of humanity is clearly listening to its Ill-Intentioned Advice... for they are trying desperately, to save Their Own Physical and Material Lives! Moreover, they are blindly and hopelessly Placing Their Trust: In Themselves, Their Own Survival Skills, Their Humanly-Acquired Knowledge, Their Material Possessions, and Their Vastly Accumulated Wealth. All Of These Things, which offer them Little Real Hope Of Success - for What's Truly Coming....

Meanwhile, Yahweh's "True Prophets" are telling The Spiritually Minded Man to: Sell Everything, Purchase Silver And Gold, and Prepare For A Trip - as so long ago prophesied, from within The Scriptures!

For, In Isaiah Chapter 60, We Read:

  • "Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their roosts [who are these who are now returning by Massive Waves Of Air Transportation]?"
  • "Surely The Coastlands [My Children who are now dwelling in Tyre] shall wait for Me [will be fully preparing themselves, for the time of this journey]; And the ships of Tarshish ['Latter Day Tyre,' or The United States] will come first [before those, from any of The Other Babylonian Nations], To bring your sons [The True Israelite People] from afar [thousands of miles away], Their silver and their gold with them [for they shall sell their possessions and acquire real money], To the name of Yahweh Your Mighty One [that place which bears His name], And to the the Holy One of Israel [where Yahshua shall very soon return], Because He has glorified you [for Yahweh has shown you His true knowledge]."

You see, "All Of The Nations Of Babylon" have been, long ago, Slated For Their Total Destruction - as it has been repeatedly written about in: Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and [throughout] All Of The Prophets

Just Consider, Jeremiah Chapter 46:
  • "But do not fear, O My servant Jacob, And do not be dismayed O Israel! For behold [understand, that I have made you this specific promise], I will save you from afar [I will rescue you, from a very far off land], And your offspring from the land of their captivity [and your descendants shall be physically brought out of Babylon]; Jacob shall return [both: Jew and Israelite], have rest and be at ease [no longer fearing those, who have been set over you]; No one shall make him afraid [for, Yahweh Himself shall protect them from here on out]."
  • "'Do not fear, O Jacob My servant,' says Yahweh, 'For I am with you [I have found your earnest efforts, upon My behalf, to be wholly acceptable to Myself]; For I will make a complete end of all the nations To which I have driven you [All Of Babylon shall be utterly destroyed], But I will not make a complete end of you [I shall remember The Promises, which I made - in all earnestness - to your ancestors]. I will rightly correct you [you shall suffer some Severe Trials and Tribulations, as a means of securing Your True and Lasting Repentance], For I will not leave you wholly unpunished [lest, you don't actually learn what you honestly need to know]." - Jeremiah 46:27-28.

Nor, will The Survivalist Preparations of those Naturally-Minded People [honestly] avail them anything - in the end - which is, indeed, coming quite rapidly... for, they don't understand The True Severity of that, which is [now] fully developing around them! It is [equally] written, that: "Babylon will utterly consume them" and then, "Yahweh shall utterly consume Babylon, in His Righteous Indignation." Neither: Babylon, nor Its Inhabitants, shall remain - When His Work Is Fully Finished!

However, "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth...."

Fortunately, however, it is also written that: "The Meek shall inherit the earth," they shall, "Build Houses and [once again] inhabit them," and they shall, "Plant Vineyards and [once again] eat their fruit." For, it has been written of That Rapidly Approaching Time Period:

  • "They shall not build and another inhabit [no one shall take their property, or foreclose upon them]; They shall not plant and another eat [no one will offer them slave wages, or extort unjustified levels of taxation]; For as the days of a tree [which are extremely long lived] so shall be the days of My people [they too shall possess such extreme longevity of life], And My Elect [those who serve Yahweh: 'In Spirit And Truth'] shall long enjoy the work of their hands [they alone shall reap their rewards, over the course of a very long lifetime]."
  • "They shall not labor in vain [they will not have to constantly toil, for the unjust benefit of others], Nor bring forth children for trouble [because society will no longer willfully and intentionally corrupt them against us]; For they shall be the descendants of the blessed of Yahweh [for only The Spiritually Minded and Respectfully Obedient will then be left upon the earth], And their offspring [whom, they shall then raise properly] with them [shall then be a blessing among them]." - Isaiah 65:21-23.

And Why Is It, That: "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth?"
  • They have always been: Obedient, Respectful, and Compliant to those in authority - and, particularly, towards Yahweh Himself.
  • They have long learned to be: Patient, Forbearing, and Content - no matter what comes their way.
  • They'll Yield Much Ground in their own efforts to Avoid All Unnecessary Conflict.
  • And, They'll Eventually Listen, to whomever Yahweh Has Truthfully Sent Them!

It isn't without reason, that Yahweh and His Son Yahshua have so-frequently described Them, as: "The Wheat Of The Earth..." for, They do not Unyielding-ly Resist: "The Winds, which blow upon the Earth..." nor, do They Sow Their Seed: "To Reap The Whirlwind." But instead, They Show Worshipful Reverence To Him: "Who continually sends His Winds upon the earth" - by Constantly Bowing Down and Truthfully Acknowledging Him!

But: "The Tares" - who constantly grow up amongst Them - are nothing like this, in Their Own Spiritual Natures. For, they Stiffen and Strengthen Themselves - likened unto small and spindly trees of Dubious Physical Nature! They grow puffed up in Their-Own Individual Pride and regard themselves as, Equally-Existent Peers To: "The Mighty Oak Tree, which resists everything that nature may honestly throw at him."

And yet, They Constantly Forget, as it is already well-documented [that]: "Even The Mighty Oak Tree cannot resist All Storms, which may [truthfully] come against him!" How then, shall these: "Far Lesser Weeds" truthfully succeed, where: "The True Oak has already failed?" Certainly, They Cannot!

Those Who Are Truly Wise, Shall Obey Yahweh!

  • Stop Dwelling and Interacting With "Spiritual Babylon" - Those Traditional Churches Of Ongoing And Spiritual Confusion - for they no longer have your own personal interests at heart. - Revelation 18:4-8.
  • Sell Your Homes and Personal Possessions - so that you may rapidly depart, when the time comes. This is much akin to: "The Eating Of The Passover, while they were still standing, in Egypt." -
  • Purchase Gold and Silver Coinage - which is personally concealable and extremely easy to carry. For, it is written, that: "They shall bring their gold and their silver with them...." -
  • Learn Yahweh's Judgments and Statutes - for this is:  "The Wedding Garment" - as fully spoken of, within The Scriptures.
  • Get To Know Others Who Are Doing The Same - for these are: "Your Fellow Children Of Jacob."
  • Do Not Get Involved In The Political Unrest - which shall soon be going on all around you - for: "Political Babylon" is [itself] now passing away... and it is merely a dangerous and time-consuming distraction.
  • Acquire Proper Documentation and International Passports - which may be needed, or even required, for this soon coming trip.

Ahava and Shalom.


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