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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

End Time Prophecies, Being Fulfilled, Since 1900 A.D.

Pastor William Miller
All throughout history, men have been proclaiming that: "The End Time Is Here!" The most recent example, being: The Millerite Movement of the 1840's. That lamentable occurrence had been based upon certain numerical and referential calculations - having been provided by the prophet Daniel and forcefully misapplied by the overzealous following of Pastor William Miller [a charismatic Baptist preacher]. The fact that, none of the scriptural signs were then present upon the Earth, didn't seem to dissuade them - in the least....

Since 1900, however, End Time Prophecies have been in the process of rapid literal fulfillment. So much so, that the spiritually minded Judeo-Christian Believer can no longer ignore these factual occurrences... the time, or Season, is most definitely at hand! How can we be so certain of this? By looking at: "The Signs Of The Times" - as given by His Prophetic Scriptures. Only by examining, and scrutinizing, them closely - can we truly know, that which Our Father In Heaven has promised us we'd understand at the appropriate times.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Demon Possession And Mind Control Techniques: Are They Real

Meditating at the altar of programmed deception.
To most [self-proclaimed] Judeo-Christians, "Demon Possession" and/or "Mind Control Techniques" are the subject matter for excellent science fiction, or fantasy entertainment - from Hollywood - but, not something to honestly consider as factual or literal possibilities affecting their real and everyday lives. However, can they be [honestly] dismissed, so easily? After all, we are all aware that our own governments have invested billions of dollars into Mind Control Research - over just the last century! Moreover, their accumulated knowledge - or data, upon the subject - verifies that not only are such techniques possible, but they also factually work....

Nor, have these recent studies occurred in a vacuum. In fact, throughout all of man's entire world history, unscrupulous men have sought after the apparent: Religious, Political, and Economic advantages they truly offer! Through the hypnotic and suggestive designs of Corporate Logos, to the rote memorization techniques of cleverly made Advertising Slogans and Jingles, and to the audible manifestations of Patriotic Political Propaganda, we have often been led to our physical and/or metaphorical slaughter. All the while, we are fully understanding that something is largely and/or substantially wrong... and yet, we can only dimly perceive it. What on Earth, can be [truly] going on?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Is God's Promised "Peace And Safety"

No other name, under heaven, whereby we must be saved.
Where is Yahweh [God's] promise of "Peace And Safety" - in these most disturbing and turbulent times? As always, it can be found by trusting in "God's Two Witnesses." These are: "The Old and New Testaments" - as given, by the inspiration of Him alone. These Two Witnesses, or Two Olive Branches, are fully grafted into the solitary root of Yahshua [Our Messiah] as promised to: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For they testify of [precisely] who He is, and why He [factually] came here....

The One True Hope, is that: “We The People Of Earth” will begin by honestly placing our trust in “Yahweh [God]” and in His Son “Yahshua [Jesus].” He alone is our Mighty One and He alone can fight this ongoing and rapidly rising worldwide menace! Your work is to “Come Out From Babylon, My People” - “Lest You Share In Her Plagues” - “For Her Iniquities Have Risen Up To Heaven” and “I Have Stated [And Now Hereby Confirm], I Shall Destroy Her Utterly And Completely!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Trinitarian Doctrine: A False Teaching Of Mere Men

The problem with writing articles for other websites is that, when they are incredibly good - you cannot use them again on your own blog site. Recently, I posted an article on which explains the blatantly obvious flaws in "The Trinitarian Doctrine" quite succinctly. Perhaps, even better than my past posting, entitled: "Why Yahweh Cannot Change" - in several definite ways. Alas, sometimes, these things truly do happen....

Consequently, I would ask that all of you read and consider it very seriously! Like, the other numerous errors having been introduced by Pagan Sun Worship, The Trinity Doctrine is a very serious deception to the more spiritually minded believer. Aside from being factually incorrect, it subtly alters the focus of one's mind away from "The Oneness Of Our Creator Yahweh" and opens the door to many other ill-advised spiritual abominations. The increasing growth of Marianism among numerous [self-proclaimed] Christians is just one of these negative effects. The relevance, validity, and trust which many of us give to lying or deceiving spirits - as referenced, and attested to, in the scriptures - is another one.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who Is "Babylon The Great" And Why Is It Even Important

Mentioned, or referenced, numerous times in the Bible, who [or what] is "Babylon The Great?" More importantly, what does it have to do with The "End Of Time" Prophecies? According to the scriptures, Babylon The Great: is a falsified Religious and Political system which secretly and indirectly controls the inhabitants of the Earth throughout our entire world history. Then at her appointed hour, she will unite us all together into one unified globalist nation under her direct religious authoritarian control. Moreover, she does this through generations of cumulative: Political Intrigue, Economic Manipulation, and Spiritual Deception.

Much of the scriptures are actually written concerning this one power's: deceptive existence, far ranging activities, and  humanly destructive agenda... virtually all of the prophets draw significant attention to her and offer us clues as to who she truly is... and Yahweh's last great message to mankind is "Come Out Of Her, My People, Lest You Share In Her Sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached up to heaven, and Yahweh has remembered her iniquities." - Revelation 18:4-5. This knowledge of her is [consequently] very important to all of humanity! And yet, "She Deceives the whole Earth" and there is much confusion over precisely who she is. Let us, therefore, give this matter our undivided attention....

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