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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sanctification And Holiness: “The 1888 Message”

Having spent some years Studying Alongside and Fellowshipping with Seventh Day Adventists, of various types and descriptions, I found certain things about them Very Curious and [even] Highly Peculiar – from a purely Theological Perspective.  No, it didn’t bother me, that they were Sabbath Keepers – like all of the other Protestant Millerites, since circa 1850…. Nor, was it their claims to once possessing A Prophetess – named Ellen Gould-Harmon White…. In fact, having studied her writings myself, I feel fairly certain that she [honestly] was Something Quite Special! As, I might add, are all of Yahweh’s servants. Because, they never [ever] stop: “Asking, Seeking, or Knocking.” They’re Relentless Seekers of: “His Truth.”

Nope, none of these things bothered me in the least…. What bothered, me was actually quite simple to express. If both their Denominational Founders, and Spiritually Led Prophetess embraced, “The 1888 Message of: Sanctification And Holiness” – then why did their General Conference Leadership [in Battle Creek, Michigan] so quickly reject it? I mean, The Spiritually Minded Ones who Fully Embraced and Supported It – were like: “The Who’s Who of Seventh Day Adventism….” Something Very Strange had honestly occurred, and absolutely no one - in Seventh Day Adventism - likes talking about it. But, “Why” is the real question….

The Purity Of "A Dove In Flight" - something to behold.
What [honestly] was: The 1888 Message of Sanctification And Holiness?” Many of us have read numerous books, purportedly written upon it. But They Are All Just Meaningless Gibberish, which leads the reader around, into ever-wider circles of Worthless Mental Meandering. I know, because I’ve [actually] taken the time to read them… and I’ve even taken my time, in doing so! What’s in these [supposedly] All-Revealing Books undoubtedly has nothing to do with what they were honestly discussing, in – A Great and [even] Heated - Spiritual Debate. Anyone reading these, books, soon suffers from: Severe Headaches and [yes] Even Boredom….

So Here Are, “The Questions,” That I Would Pose - To All Seventh Day Adventists:
  • “If Ellen G. White was The Infallible Prophetess of Yahweh, then why did you: Reject certain ones of her teachings, Officially censor and silence her [from within your own denominational publications], Rapidly ship her off to Australia, and Cover Up all of her 'Contestable' Writings?”
  • “If you conscientiously reject The Spiritual Authority for: “Worship Upon Sunday” – The Venerable Day Of The Sun – then why do you adhere to Every Other Pagan Holy Day fully embraced by: “The Mother Of Harlots? Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, etc... 'Are All Pagan Holy Days' Of Sun Worship!"
  • “Why are you so amazingly proud that: “The Paganized-Catholic Church” so glowingly endorses your purportedly Christian Theology, with the exception of your Sabbath Keeping? After all, her cup is filled with numerous abominations - and, not just one....”
  • “And precisely why are you so content to sit around waiting for: “The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble” – until you’ll [honestly] address these Very Important Spiritual Issues?”

Attractive Logos cannot save you from His Wrath....
Are you [even] Alive, or Dead? You have become, something wholly detestable to others… for you are, "neither: Cold, nor Hot!" As a fellow servant of Yahweh, I would that you might [honestly] be either…. For, had I [myself] so foolishly stayed among you, I wouldn’t have received The Blessings of Yahweh still leading me forward into: “The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua.” As it is, I’ve already wasted An Incredible Amount Of Time in studying your Truly Antiquated Denominational Literature. Some of us are not content with: “Still Drinking Milk,” long after, “Our Teeth Have Fully Come In…” and, as you know,  “Two Cannot Walk Together, Unless They Be In Substantial Agreement!”

Alas, I now know The 1888 Message of: Sanctification And Holiness.” No thanks to you, of course… but simply, because Yahweh has deemed it, Appropriate To Tell Me. Rightly, is it written about: “The Church of Laodicea…” for, she offers a man just enough of The Truth - to fully assure, that she kills him! She has become, yet another trap, and rock of offense to those who are Spiritually Minded. I can see why Yahweh would [earnestly] want to: “Vomit you, from out of His mouth.” His Spirit, like my own, is Totally Sick Of The Lies and Partial Or Half-Truths – which are being [supposedly] reported in His Name!

So, What Is: “The 1888 Message of: Sanctification And Holiness"?

Yahweh's "Spiritual Children" Are All Israelites, or Jews!
It is The Truth, completely Unabridged and Unadulterated by All Of The Deceptions and Lies – which were Fomented By The Jesuits, as they slowly wormed their own way into every Christian and Jewish denominational sect! There are only two types of people signatory to: “The Promises,” which were made only through Abraham – The Only Root Established By Yahweh… and they must be either: Israelites, or Jews to [honestly and fully] inherit His Promises.

Yes, others will be grafted in amongst them, but they must be grafted into: “The Rootstock Of Abraham” – as either: Israelites or Jews. Christianity: Does Not, Cannot, and Will Not, stand upon its own Foundational Merits! The entire structure is built upon: “The Shifting Sands of Mathew Chapter 7….”

Mathew Chapter 7, Says:
  • “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them [everything which I have: Said, Done, Practiced, or Taught], I will liken him to a wise man who built his house upon The Rock [his life is founded firmly upon The Complete Truth of Yahweh’s word]: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded upon The Rock [for he alone shall be safe, when that time inevitably comes].”
  • “Now everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them [everything which I have: Said, Done, Practiced, or Taught], will be like a foolish man who built his house upon The Sand [his life isn’t founded upon The Complete Truth of Yahweh’s word]: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell [because they weren’t rooted firmly into Abraham]. And great was its fall [and this was, The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble - as spoken of by, The Prophetess, Ellen G. White].”Mathew 7:24-27.

Seventh Day Adventism is founded upon Paganized Christianity – The Sole Creation Of: “Mystery, Babylon The Great, and The Mother Of Harlots” – and is not [in any way]: Firmly Grafted Into The Rootstock Of Abraham!” You are, neither: Israelites, nor Jews – from Yahweh’s Perfect and Unbending Perspective… for you have rejected The True Covenant With Abraham. Yahweh gave: His Glorious Name, and All Of His Feasts - as His Covenanted Memorial, with “The Seed [or, spiritual descendants] of Abraham.” Meanwhile, you have Willfully and Intentionally remained outside of: “His Spiritual Vineyard….” Can you not see this?

How shall you answer Him upon: “The Day Of Judgment?” Shall you say: Gee, I didn’t know, that You expected such Total Obedience To Your Word.?" You, who add even more numerous humanly-devised restrictions - upon your own personal followings? Really? How shall you [honestly] answer Him? I want to know…. Please, tell me? You do realize, that Yahweh [Your God] Is Perfect, and that, Yahshua plainly said: “Be ye perfect, therefore, as Your Father in heaven is perfect…” - don’t you? Do you [honestly] think, that He was merely joking? Are you kidding me? Come On, and Wake Up!!!!

There is so much that Yahweh’s True Servants could teach you about The Truth,” if you were only willing to listen to it! And it's stuff, that you really need to hear before it's too late to substantially alter Your Course and Highly-Destructive Direction. You have fallen asleep at the absolute worst time to have [substantially] done so… “The Midnight Cry” is upon you, and you don’t even know where to go for: “The Wedding Feast,” much less: “Which garment to wear.” Where, is: “The Oil In Your Lamps?” And, why: “Didn’t you prepare for this day [which you honestly knew was soon coming]?”

I can only hope, that some of you will read this posting…. For, Yahweh is expecting me at: “His Wedding Feast,” and I Do Not Intend To Hang Around here – “In Babylon, The Great” - much longer! You can follow me, if you choose to… but if not, then feel free to find your own way. I [honestly] hope that you’ll make it in time for: “The Wedding Nuptials” – because, if not, you will be far too late to join in His Magnificent Celebration….

Whether you realize it, or not: The Mystery Has Been Revealed [to those possessing Yahweh's Holy Spirit], Babylon The Great Is Fixing To Be Destroyed [through Yahweh's Own Action], and The Mother Harlots Will Soon Follow [both of her abominable creations]!This is why Yahweh Commands Us: "Come out of Babylon, My People, Lest you share in her soon coming afflictions...." You are to Physically Depart from her Politically Controlled Territories [The Unionized and Collectivized Nations] - before His Extreme Judgment Actually and Quite Literally Befalls Them! 

And to do so, You Need To Know The Following:
  1. Where To Physically Go At This Time Period....
  2. What Kind Of Wedding Garment To Wear....
  3. The Actual Time Left Remaining For Babylon....
  4. How To Get Where You Are Going....
  5. And [Precisely] What To Take With You On Your Journey....

And if you'll: "Ask [the right questions], Seek [to do God's Will and not your own], or Knock [upon my own personal door]" - then I'll gladly explain it to you, in absolute and certain detail. For Yahweh has given me: "A Sure Message [one that you can truthfully rely upon]" - through His Spirit Of Prophecy! Otherwise, Ahava and Shalom.

Just Remember, "The Clocks Ticking - as the seconds go by...."

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