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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Cold War: First Of Two Rumors

The "Cold War" was a propaganda war ....
In order to properly understand "The Cold War," it is important to also grasp commonly available background information regarding certain links between [so-called] Communism and The Corporate Freemasons of our Industrialized Western Democracies. That is because these two Political and Economic Power Blocks are inextricably linked through certain: Historic, Political, Economic, and Financial Ties - which have only come out, since the collapse of The Russian Federation [or USSR]. Moreover, the documentation is still quietly accumulating - as our, mason controlled, Western Media refuses to openly report it. Although, the major media is now tightening in the Eastern Block as well.

First of all, there has never been a truly Communist country on our planet. A [truly] Communist Nation is comprised of Political and Economic Equals - operating collectively in the absence of: a ruling elite, the use of abusive force, or any form of obvious governmental coercion. Because of this, Communism - as clearly defined by Karl Marx [its highly theoretical creator] - cannot exist in any form of reality greater than a few dozen highly motivated individuals. For example: A Commune, or Kibbutz. This is because any large grouping of people will necessarily include some who desire far more of everything, than others.

What has existed throughout our recent history is Totalitarian and Centrally Directed Socialism [aka Marxism] - a less altruistic, but politically viable alternative imposed by: Fear, Propaganda, and Brute Political Force. Since The Sacred Scriptures stand diametrically opposed to such: Outlandish, Immoral, and Unethical Governmental Practices - teaching instead: "The Law Of Liberty" and "Moral Precepts" -  they have been publicly banned by every society operating under such ungodly Political and Economic Systems. Judeo-Christian Theology and Marxism aren't [in any way] compatible... its really, that simple!

It is for this very same reason, that The Western Nations have been intentionally turned away from God - through ongoing political means - in preparation for "The New World Order System" of bureaucratically controlled Worldwide Social Fascism. Judeo-Christian Theology is a highly competitive ideology - within the hearts and minds of its scripturally knowledgeable adherents... and The World's Luciferian Elite cannot tolerate any potential discord within their highly-necessary mechanisms of power. To do so, is to invite inevitable political disaster - as the scriptures [so plainly] predict.
  • "For when they say, "Peace And Safety!"  then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, bretheren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief." - 1 Thessalonians 5:3-4.

Here are some very simple questions, that you should [honestly] ask yourself:
  • Where did "The Bolsheviks" get: The Weapons, Ammunition, and Money to overthrow The Eastern Block Nations?
  • How did these nations survive over 80 years of Near Economic Paralysis - with a dismal 0.2 percent Economic Growth?
  • How did they so easily compete in "The Cold War Arms Race" - while still managing to feed their burgeoning national populations?
  • What really triggered, "The End Of The Cold War?"

Don't the stated answers [and/or lack of them] - in our Current History Books - seem just a little suspect, when considering the verifiable facts involved? They do, to me.... As we very well know,  the [so called] Communist Nations were crumbling from within - throughout the entire time of their turbulent political existence. However, they certainly managed to get a continual infusion of Financial Capital from somewhere? And today, we now know [precisely] where it came from. Moreover, it came from us! Or, more precisely: Our Masonic Corporations, Our Illuminati Controlled Governments, and Our Jesuit Controlled Banking Cartels - through various cleverly disguised and/or concealed forms.

From the very beginnings of The Bolshevik Revolution, until the eventual collapse of Berlin's Wall, The United States and European Governments were channeling: Money, Resources, and Modern Technology to their supposed mortal enemies! But, why? Because one cannot [honestly]: Generate, Promote, or Maintain Tremendous Amounts Of  Politically Inspired Fear [or Cultural Panic] - without an obvious and clearly delineated enemy... and The Entire Earth will not politically embrace a Bureaucratic and  Planetary Dictatorship without the artificially generated perception of something much worse actually confronting them.

Just as these same International Corporations and Bankers funded both sides during World Wars I & II - at a considerable profit - they have also provided the very same service, during The "Rumored" Cold War. It is for this very reason that: Ben Bernanke [at The Federal Reserve] and his Central Banking Counterparts [in Europe] cannot, and/or will not, allow for "A Full And Public Accounting" of their books. The paper trail would be far too easily ascertained and highly difficult for anyone to ever explain.

From a Geopolitical and Sociological Standpoint, The Cold War accomplished several things necessary to the eventual fulfillment of their "One World" Governmental Visions.
  • It provided heightened levels of: Fear, Trepidation, and Panic upon a truly worldwide basis - from which they could leverage and manipulate the world's populations geo-politically.  Thus, internationally ostracizing non-compliant governments and bypassing any need to deal with them directly.
  • It provided The United States Federal Government with a seemingly valid excuse to ignore certain Constitutional Laws requiring a substantial military draw-down during times of peace. Thus, placing a very powerful sword over the heads of the 50 Individual States [and numerous territories] comprising Our Republican Union and keeping them in line with the established game plan.
  • It allowed for the creation of an Immense Military/Industrial Complex - to be eventually handed over to The United Nations as its Internal Policing Mechanism in the near distant future. The U.N. is slated to receive direct control over both: The United States and Russia's immense military arsenals in the not so distant future.
  • It generated numerous opportunities for the creation of Future Disaster Scenarios, such as: Nuclear Winter, Overpopulation, Environmental Degradation, Worldwide Terrorism, Contagious International Diseases, and yes [even] Global Warming.
  • And it Politically Justified the continuous violation of smaller state's individual sovereignties - under the supposed guise of protecting "All Of Humanity" from a sudden and cataclysmic planetary extinction.

In essence, what they have done - via The Cold War - is to fertilize the worldwide political soil for planting their [long-before planned] New World Order.  Even as the Sacred Scriptures have clearly foretold that it would most surely occur - at this particular time period - wherein: "People will travel to and fro and knowledge will greatly increase." Remember, according to Yahshua [as written in Mathew chapter 24]:
  • "And you will hear of Wars and Rumors Of Wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 'For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be: Famines, Pestilences, and Earthquakes in various places. All of these are the beginning of sorrows." - Mathew 24:6-8.

It states: "All of these are 'The Beginning Of Sorrows'" - doesn't it? Let's just look at The First Four Seals Of Revelation and see what they are - to be [absolutely] certain of The Given Prophetic Time Line.
  1. [Revelation 6:1-2]: A Massive Military Conflict.
  2. [Revelation 6:3-4]: A Worldwide Military Conflict.
  3. [Revelation 6:5-6]: A Worldwide Financial Collapse and Artificially Created Scarcity.
  4. [Revelation 6:7-8]: A World War, Famine, Pestilences, and Massive Dying-Off.
Yes, folks, these are "The Beginning Of Sorrows..." for they are the [literal] fulfillment of The First Four Seals Of Revelation and directly between The Second and Third Seal is where those "Rumored Wars" prophetically fall! If the "Wars" being mentioned are of worldwide significance and notice, then it follows that the "Rumored Wars" must be as well. Meanwhile, The Cold War was just such a rumor.... Was it not?

Rather than bending and/or twisting The Sacred Scriptures - to fit within some artificially constructed and wholly fabricated timeline - perhaps we should just read them as honestly written, and open our eyes to the world events going on all around us! It's surprising, exactly how much contemporary information is currently available - upon these unfolding worldwide political subjects - for the average human being to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider.

Precisely why I am the only one Truthfully and Accurately Reporting It, upon The Internet, is a mystery to me - as well... after all, these simplistic spiritual conclusions are: blatantly obvious, readily understood from the scriptures, and in fitting with the nature of "A Just God!" He [most certainly] won't say: "Remember those Obscure and Nondescript Wars which happened somewhere you never heard of, or those False Flag Propagandist Events that occurred between a few insignificant nations - which never affected you at all - well those were The Clearly Marked Signs that I gave you; and yet, you somehow failed to take notice...."

Meanwhile, for one reason or another, such highly-valuable Scriptural Truth is only available upon this one - "Truth About God" - blog site. So much for the [so-called] Theological Experts, we've come to so heavily rely upon today.... Of course, they didn't recognize Yahshua's First Coming - at that appointed time either! Instead, the world solely relied upon: "A Voice Of One Calling In The Desert..." and he [John The Baptist] wasn't any sort of educated scholar, either.... Go figure.

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