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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Book Of Life, Or Book Of Remembrance: Either Way Makes Sense

Is your name in Yahweh's: "Book Of Remembrance?"
According to the Sacred Scriptures, Yahweh [God, The Father] keeps a: "Book Of Life," or "Book Of Remembrance" - wherein He writes the names of His spiritually adopted children. Nor, is this because He is some doddering old Alzheimer's patient incapable of remembering every single hair upon our heads. It is merely the expression of His continual: love for us, attention to minute detail, and perfectly good form - for which He is continually praised, by many. A perfect being can leave nothing to chance... not even His own invariable and unique situational perfection!

Meanwhile, to many of us, the entire concept of such a scriptural declared book, seems largely unnecessary for Him to write - in the first place. After all, if we are just disembodied souls roaming through either: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, or [even] Earth - eternally upon our deaths - then what real need has He to remember us from before... can't we just holler at, or pray to him, like we did before - to get His much-needed fatherly attention? No, we can't!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Are The Sacred Scriptures So Factually Confusing

The Sacred Scriptures seem confusing to many....
For many self-professed Judeo-Christian Believers, the Sacred Scriptures seem remarkably: complex, confusing, and even [at times] contradictory in their overall teachings. In fact, hundreds [or perhaps, even thousands] of: Fellowships, Sects, and Denominations have been the inevitable result of these various humanly devised and scripturally based interpretations. Meanwhile, the majority of Atheists and Agnostics merely see this ongoing confusion as an understandable confirmation of their logical and philosophical doubts. After all, if even the Jews and the Christians cannot come to an honest agreement, then the "Book Of All Books" must be inherently defective.

And yet, the Sacred Scriptures are unlike any other religious texts in human existence. The very nature of these writings was to offer clear revelation to some, while [equally] denying it to still others. Its purpose was to effectually disseminate Yahweh's own battle plans and military knowledge to His soldiers - while they were dwelling in the very same camps with His enemies... and like all other such strategic military dispatches, these writings are useless without an ample understanding of the Cryptographic Keys - necessary to properly and adequately translate them.

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