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Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's Up With Hollywood And "The Archangel Michael"

Legion 2010 action sequence.
For decades now, we have witnessed a whole host of insanely scripted movies from Hollywood starring their own very twisted conception of "The Archangel Michael." With sacrilegious movies such as: Michael, Meet Joe Black, and [now] Legion - we have witnessed An Increasingly Satanic View [or perspective] upon The Sacred Scriptures. And their clearly stated "End Time" Schedule Of Events. After all, Spiritual Confusion is the express purpose of "Babylon The Great;" and Human Chaos is the foundation of her underlying political power.

In the case of "Michael" [starring John Travolta], they merely "Tested The Spiritual Waters" by depicting The Archangel Michael as a physical and spiritual being who is strangely and strongly enamored with all things decidedly human. He is then shown: Drinking, Smoking, and Carousing Among Them in various social capacities... as if, our baser human weaknesses are something for a more perfect celestial being to honestly and covetously desire! However, The True Purpose - of this movie - was merely to see how much our current "Religious Population" would factually tolerate along these lines. Apparently, it was quite a lot!

"Meet Joe Black" movie poster....
Continuing along in that same theme, they then portrayed The Archangel Michael in "Meet Joe Black" as an angel of death who possesses and takes over the body of a human being, in his effort at discovering what it means to be truly human. While Angelic Possession may seem like a trifling issue to many, the concept of Yahweh's angels violating Human Free Will completely reverses the scripture; and is irrefutably Satanic In Origin. The fact is, that I couldn't even sit through watching it without experiencing a heightened level of utter disgust at both: those who actually produced it, and my girlfriend [at that time] - who, sadly, couldn't even understand my aversion to it!

Let's face it, a great many of us have already been offended [for decades] by the obviously wild inaccuracies of television shows like: "Highway To Heaven," and "Touched By An Angel" - wherein angels are depicted merely as dead people. Personally, I'd rather see no references to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures at all, than for Hollywood to continue confusing such All Important Matters with their own: Warped, Twisted, and [largely] Satanic Fantasies!

Bear in mind, that I am one hundred percent in favor of The Freedom Of Speech... but, outright slander isn't really A Freedom Of Speech Issue under anyone's law; and maliciously altering someone-else's words is a lawfully recognized form of Particularly Vicious Slander. The fact that the words being altered are those of Yahweh's own prophets, should give everyone ample reason to more thoughtfully pause before doing so. But then again, the majority of Americans are goats [merely] masquerading as lambs - for the companionship it offers them.

Finally, we have arrived at "Legion..." A film so revolutionary as to totally invert the Prophetic Scriptures! In this film: God is the cold and uncaring destroyer of mankind, His Angels are the agencies of His nefarious plans, True Believers are His demonic possessed soldiers, and The Archangel Michael has gone renegade to stop His "Evil Plans" for the destruction of mankind. The fact that this crap draws box office crowds, rather than a very swift and public condemnation, is telling indeed.

Just, watch this short excerpt....

Movie Trailer for "Legion" - with an explanation of thematic symbology.

Could it be, that The Satanists - who are setting the agenda in Hollywood - have a far better understanding of precisely who The Archangel "Michael" is than many self-professed believers? I [personally] believe that they do.... And, they Instinctually Hate Him, for precisely that reason!

How Can I Say This?

Let's face it, the people who made this movie are: Highly Educated, Extremely Well-Read, and Fully Aware of what they are honestly doing. In fact, The Director [Scott Charles Stewart] even admitted having read The Prophetic Scriptures, prior to shooting this picture. Nor, can we ignore the fact that it took the collective actions of hundreds of educated individuals to: Write, Script, Portray, Produce, Edit, Promote, and Distribute this mainstream feature film. Consequently, we can safely rule out the possibility of "Careless Negligence" - based upon Total Ignorance of the scriptures.

What say you? Be sure and leave your comments below....

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