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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Site Introduction

Over the course of millennia, Yahweh has been: denied, ignored, criticized, misrepresented, and maligned - in the ongoing effort to stifle "His Truth." His servants have been: harassed, persecuted, tempted, and killed - for merely relaying to us His most valuable messages. And even Yahshua [His Son] suffered in this very same way - at the hands of those whom He loved! And yet, thanks to all of these efforts, a certain "Remnant" - in every generation, among us - always unshakably embraced Him. The Truth About God is dedicated to this Modern Day 'Remnant' - wherever they might [now] be.

The intention of this blog site is to provide: Highly Accurate, Theologically Sound, and Scripturally Verifiable Information - which shall assist the spiritually minded Judeo-Christian Believer in their study and understanding of Yahweh's clear word. Why is this even necessary? Because, over the course of human history, "Wolves have entered into the sheepfold" and endorsed "The Doctrines of Demons" - while appearing themselves "As Angels of Light..." and these highly deceptive teachings, have become [over this time]: 'The Traditions Of Men' and are causing us to quite honestly stumble. Modern Paganized Christianity suffers from thousands of such Man-Made Traditions and the results are quite abominable to Yahweh... they are also, particularly, dangerous to us - as believers!

Some of these, Important Doctrinal Topics:

Of Equal Importance, however,  this blog site will offer: Insightful, Spiritually Discerning, and Historically-Accurate Prophetic Understanding of 'The End Time Prophecies' occurring all around us. Our purpose is not to: set a date, affix a time, or set an hour for Yahshua's Eventual Return... but rather, to keep an accurate record of His nearness to that eventual coming - by notating the "Times and Seasons" as given thereof. As the scriptures so clearly relate: "No man knows the day, or the hour, of His coming..." and again, "Of that day, which comes like a thief in the night, no man knows."

Why then did Yahweh offer us so many scriptures referencing this 'Last Day Time Period'? He gave them to us for three spiritually significant reasons. First, to further strengthen our faith into precisely who He is... for these fulfilled prophecies are Verifiably-Accurate Knowledge of "The End, From The Beginning." Second, they provide us the information that we will need - in order to be successful and/or survive - until the end of this tumultuous period. Third, as that day grows nearer and nearer, we are expected to be shining ever brighter and brighter - as His True Witnesses, to the rest of humanity.

Some of these, Important Prophetical Topics:

I fully realize, that this 'Truth About God' Site is a very large undertaking for one person to actually attempt. However, I honestly don't have a choice in the matter! Yahweh has put it into my heart to do His spiritual bidding; and I cannot merely delegate this authority to another. Nor, would I honestly trust them - with 'The Truth' - if I could.... The churches are completely fallen, and few there are who truly understand this relatively New Reality. And although there are 144,000 Of Us, being referenced In The Scriptures [***See: Revelation chapters 7 and 14], each of us has their own Specific Calling and Spiritual Purpose from Yahweh.

I'm definitely not be a very good writer...  I'm probably somewhat confusing... and my 'Internet Skills' are quite-obviously sadly lacking. But, I didn't choose 'This Particular Profession' - either.... However, for some unknown reason, Yahweh chose me to do this! I must admit, none-the-less, that: "I am increasing [everyday] in 'The Talents', which He gave to me." May, 'Praise, Be Unto To Yahweh'!

Ahava and Shalom.

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