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This site is sponsored by:
According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

About Donations

After An Entire Year of putting forth Great Personal Efforts To Promote This Site, through following the [supposedly] Simple Rules Of Search Engine Optimization, we have finally decided to expend our own money upon some Well-Placed Internet and [even] Print Media Advertising. Nor, has this been an easy choice to make... since, we have taken great physical pains at distinguishing ourselves from: "Spiritual Babylon" - which is constantly begging others, to send them their Hard-Earned and Much-Needed Money!

Consequently, we are now displaying: "A Donate Button" - which is being handled through PayPal. Understand that:
  1. All Donations Are Voluntary. No one shall ever [actively] solicit your donations!
  2. They Shall Only Be Used For: Advertising and Promotional Purposes!
  3. The Truth Will Not Be Influenced By Money!

We [honestly] Hope And Pray, that our readership will accept This Highly-Necessary Change - for what it truly represents: "The Immediate Shortness Of Our Time Left Remaining!"

In Times Such As These, we fully understand anyone's individual hesitancy to donate that, which is already required for Your Own Personal Survival. If your money is [honestly] that tight, Then Please Do Not Feel In Any Ways Obligated! For, it is written:
  • "The man who cares not, first, for the needs of his own household; is worse than a heretic!"

Contrary, to what most clergy and preachers will tell you, Yahweh never intended for 'His Message' to be burdensome upon anyone... and while 'The Widow's Mite' was received with much gratefulness from The Father, He never required it! Any impression to the contrary, is from: "The Children of Lucifer" - I can fully assure you....The scripture says, "Let each man give with a cheerful heart" and, that's precisely what it means!

Ahava and Shalom. May Yahweh's: Love and Peace be upon you!
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