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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Knowledge Of The Future: Can We Know It

Can We Know What The Future Holds? Many of us are suffer terrible anxiety, or just subtle feelings of uncertainty, over the futures of: our local communities, our sovereign nations, and our planet. It seems that, for all practical purposes, The Good News has become a thing of the past. Many disturbing new social and political  issues are surrounding us, and fencing us in, with their rapidly unfolding events. In much consternation we seek answers from those who are seemingly just as confused by all of these crazy events. Where can we [honestly] turn for the answers?

Can we trust our political leaders to [truthfully] supply them? How about, the other members of our churches, or our highly educated and professional clergy ? Although, many of them seem equally dazed and confused, a small percentage of them are offering us answers... and yet, the answers they're giving seem somehow disingenuous or lacking in the areas of: Verifiable Truth, Normative Candor, and Honest Disclosure. In essence, they lack the: Authority, Power, and Conviction of times past... they lack that proverbial "Ring Of Truth" - which comes from, "Thus, Sayeth The Lord!"

First, let me say one thing.... The Sacred Scriptures as provided by almighty Yahweh through His prophets are: Genuine, Honest, and Factual! The Alpha and Omega is precisely who He honestly and truthfully claims to be! And His Lessons, Instructions, and Revealed Prophecies are all entirely accurate to the letter! Nor, did His servants The Prophets fail in properly discharging their duties! After all, Yahweh [Himself], "Knowing The End, From The Beginning," specifically chose them from amongst all of their brothers and charged them personally with their tasks....

However, the same cannot be said of our: Pastors, Reverends, and/or Rabbis. These were chosen by other men, educated in denominational schools, indoctrinated in their personal traditions, appointed by our congregational boards, and set over us - with instructions to preach "The Word" very carefully. They were told to remember The First Denominational Commandment: "The Church Underwrites Your Paycheck, and don't you ever forget it." Meanwhile, the disaster [now] known as, "Babylon The Great" - is our own spiritual creation... and we ourselves are partly to blame.

Even as Yahshua [Jesus] was walking among us and openly instructing us, we were told that ravenous wolves were already in the fold amongst us. Yahshua [personally] picked Judas - to impart a much needed spiritual lesson - that, we might never forget it. How great a betrayal, could mankind conceivably require to learn this All Important Lesson... if, even the death of Our Long Awaited Messiah - at the treasonous action of His own Apostle - couldn't accomplish it? And yet, here we are two thousand years later, still placing our trust in mere men!

We were instructed to: "Search The Scriptures Daily, To See Whether It Was So," to "Verify All Things, By The Word Of God Alone," and to "Observe Them In Their Fruits" - among other more numerous exhortations along that particular vein. Did we listen? Of course, not! Our Pastors, Reverends, and Rabbis wouldn't lie to us... would they? After all, we trust our: Politicians [to lead us], Accountants [to watch over our money], Brokers [to wisely invest it], and Teachers [to educate our children]; and Our Clergy are accountable to God! Speaking of that, how's that been working out for you? Pretty good?

It is written, "Everyman is a Hypocrite and a Liar!"

Yes, folks, even me! At various times, I have gone against, my own deeply held beliefs and I have spun some tales that: would make many of you cringe at the thought... and so have you. That is the fallen nature of man, and the very first baby step is to fully and honestly acknowledge it! Say this to yourself, "I am a hypocrite and a liar...." That is what Sinners are... they are hypocrites and liars... and, "Every man is a sinner... Only one is Good, and that is Yahweh [God]." Get it out of your system, and finally let it go... you are nothing special in that regard. The world is full to the brim, with Sinners.

Now, just follow my logic here - for a minute:
  1. If your clergyman [or shepherd] is a human being...
  2. And, if all human beings are Sinners [or hypocrites and liars]...
  3. Then doesn't that make your clergyman a hypocrite and a liar?
  4. Should you automatically, or naively, trust a hypocrite and a liar - in any position of authority?
  5. But if you can't trust the messenger, shouldn't you [then] examine the message much more closely?
The Sacred Scriptures are available to everyone.

It really isn't Rocket Science people.... Consider, the nature of your creator. He is: Loving, Merciful, and Kind - for, "He would that none should perish, but that all would come to repentance." He is a God of understanding, "Revealing The End Times, From The Very Beginning." He has protected His Word from every attempt at defiling it, "My Words are pure words, like Gold having been purified seven times in the fire." He has given us His own prophets - to reveal these things to us - though we continually despise them and kill them in our own utter spiritual ignorance. He wrote it, in an effort, "to make wise the foolish... enlighten the simple... and to instruct the little children into its truths." And, He offers His, "Ruach HaKodesh [or Holy Spirit]" to guide us - if we but ask.

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is, "What if I make a mistake in my understanding of what has been written?" First of all, if you'll just: read it, utilize the mind that God [Himself] gave you, and truly believe what it says - then you cannot possibly misunderstand it as bad as 95 percent of the clergy! Moreover, if you'll pray first, asking for spiritual guidance, then your accuracy has just gone up past virtually all of the rest. The truth is that, the vast majority of the traditional clergy just make it up as they go along, and search out an occasional verse here and there to factually support it. I wish that I were kidding....

The Keys To Understanding Scriptural Prophecies:

Every investigative form of study has certain Keys to unlocking its most prized and valuable secrets. The Scriptural Prophecies, aren't any different - in that most basic respect. In the case of Prophecy, we must understand commonly given and consistently used scriptural symbols; and be able to locate a verifiable point of historical reference in relation to us - in order to establish a time line of historical events. Virtually any book on scriptural prophecy can accurately show you the former... while, I haven't found a solitary one, which can truthfully offer you the latter. And yet, In my very next posting I'll give you three historically verifiable points of reference, and one more, which is now currently unfolding.

Nor, do I want or expect you to trust me. Never Trust Anyone... your life may [quite honestly] depend upon it! The time for implicitly trusting others is over - even, if there ever was one, in the first place.... We are living in perilous times. Now is not the time to be spiritually naive!

*** Note: If you want to do a little spiritual homework, then read Revelation chapter 6, "The Seven Seals."

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