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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yahshua's Parables: The Parable Of The Fig Tree

Israel Is "The Fig Tree" and we are its branches.
The Parable Of The Fig Tree - as given by Yahshua in Mathew chapter 24 - is A Highly-Specific Message for those who are living at: "The Time Of The End." As, in fact, were all of Yahshua's Parables - which He taught - while living and walking among us. The fact, that Previous Generations could not have properly understood them did not lessen, or negate, their True Value - to those of us Now Living At The End.... In fact, the exact opposite is true!

The Scriptural Symbology of The Fig Tree is inextricably bound up together with with the existence of The Historically Covenanted Nation Of Israel... and prior to 1948, there wasn't one to consider or [even] to speculate upon. But to us, living after its prophesied reestablishment, The Parable Of The Fig Tree is now fully unlocked! Therefore, let's examine what it says....

The Parable Of The Fig Tree:
  • "Now learn this parable from The Fig Tree [Learn from the nation of Israel]: When its branch has already become tender [new life has spread throughout its territories] and puts forth leaves [and it springs back to life], you know that Summer is near [please understand that you are living in the midst of The End Time]."
  • "So you also, when you see all these things [when you see Israel restored], know that it [Yahweh's Day Of Judgment] is near [almost immediately upon you], at the very doors [you are living at The Time Of The End]."
  • "Assuredly, I say to you [you may trust completely in My words], this generation [those living at the time of Israel's reestablishment] will by no means pass away until [they themselves shall be living to see] all these things are fulfilled [the conclusion of Yahweh's End Time Events]."
  • "Heaven and Earth will pass away [Yahweh's Judgment will undoubtedly occur], but My words [that, which I've consistently taught you] will by no means pass away [it is absolutely solid and unshakable]."

That's right, folks, The Rebirth Of Israel marked "The Beginning Of Summer" in our god-breathed calendar of: "End Time Events!" And if that is truly the case, then some of The Seals must have already opened during the earlier period Of Springtime... and, of course, they did. World War I and World War II were: The First, and Second Seals, Of Revelation. Meanwhile, The Cold War and The War Upon Terror  have been The Two Rumored Wars - which would follow them, according to Yahshua in Mathew 24:6.  And now we are living in The Third Seal, or Worldwide Financial Crisis [Leading To Starvation And Scarcity]. Everything is [now] happening, and in the proper sequence, as so long ago predicted!

He who knows: "The End From The Very Beginning" is exactly who He claims to be....


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