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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who is Francis R. Barbour - The Watchman - who writes at: "The Truth About God"

Francis R. Barbour - The Watchman.
Francis R. Barbour is: "A True Believer," "A Wanderer," and "A Pilgrim Upon This Earth..." one who seeks: "A Better Country," "A Peaceful Heritage," and "A City Made Without Hands...." He is: "An Ethnic Or Genetic Mutt" of certain Indiscriminant Physiological Heritage. Possessing: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Red Facial Hair, and A Six Foot Tall Physical Frame. And yet, Inwardly: "An Israelite," "A Seeker After Truth," and "A Man Without Personal Guile." For there is absolutely nothing that he truly wants more than, that: "Yahweh's Kingdom Might At Last Come!"
He's both: Physically and Spiritually Tired - of "Living Amidst Babylon [the land of ongoing: Lies, Deceptions, Obfuscations, and Confusions]." He is An Abject And Total Failure, at personally navigating, "The Traps And Pitfalls Of Babylon [the overarching and redundant complexities of Modern Life]." He personally believes that: "No man was ever intended to live like this [for Our Creator never intended such idiotic foolishness to exist]..." and this, is His Own Personal Character.

But, what of Francis R. Barbour, The Human Child, who grew over a lifetime - of personal experiences - to [eventually] one day become him?

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