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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Hasn't Jesus [Yahshua] Returned Yet

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The Scroll of The Psalms.
While "Laodicea" keeps peddling its: ' False Visions ' and ' Fairy Tales ', and deceiving the entire earth in the process, Yahweh is completing His Greatest Work Of All. Everything occurs for His predestined purposes... nothing escapes His all-powerful control... and all, goes according to His plans! And yet, many remain blissfully and ignorantly unaware of His ' Long Prophesied Game Plan '... asking, among themselves: " Why hasn't Jesus [ Yahshua ] returned yet? "

In Mathew, We Read:
" The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] said to My Mighty One [ Yahshua ], 'Sit at My right hand [ Stay Up Here ], Till I make Your enemies Your footstool. '" - Mathew 22:44.
{***NOTE: Of course, The Full Passage - of this particular scripture - wasn't presented in The New Testament at all... it's found only in The Old Testament book of Psalms! Psalm 110, to be precise... and I would advise everyone interested, to read it for themselves.}

Before Yahshua returns, Yahweh [ God, The Father ] will drive ' His Enemies ' to their knees... and The Prophetic Timeline is the ongoing historical process [or record], by which all of these things will so dramatically occur!

Who are these ' Enemies Of Yahshua [ Jesus ] ', that must be subdued before Our Messiah's Return? The Nations Of The Earth and those Satanists - who control them... The Atheists and Agnostics; and the Unethical Scientists - who continually deceive them... The Wayward Sheep and Stubborn Goats, And their Wolf-Like Shepherds - who so shamelessly prey upon them. These are all, ' The Enemies Of Yahshua '... and their utter ignorance of The Scriptures, will most-assuredly destroy them!

In Hosea 4, We Read:
" My people are destroyed ' For Lack Of Knowledge ', Because you have rejected Knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest [ A Covenanted People ] for Me; Because you have forgotten ' The Law Of Your Mighty One ', I also will forget your children. " - Hosea 4:6.

By placing our trust in other Fallible Human Beings, rather than The Scriptures as given by Yahweh, we have rejected ' His Knowledge ' - for that of our own... and The Exchange Rate is tremendously expensive! The Trials and Tribulations, that we are even now experiencing, are directly attributable to such arrogant and presumptuous foolishness.

Even now, The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel don't even know who they themselves are yet... for they have long-forgotten their own familial heritage - although it is, blatantly, obvious to anyone who is scripturally literate - exactly who they are! They will, however, be waking up very soon.

And how do I know this? Because Yahweh has shown me that The Wedding Feast of ' Yahshua and All Israel ' is now approaching quite rapidly.... The Houses of: Judah, Israel, and Joseph - will All be there, right upon schedule... and those ' Wild Olive Branches ' - which are to be: " Grafted in amongst them " - shall not fail to heed their own eventual call, as so long ago prophesied! But, will You be there? That's, ' The Real Question '....

Ahava and Shalom.

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