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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Middle Path Is Neither: Zealotry, Nor Licentiousness - All Things Must Be In Proper Balance

As things are now: "Heating Up [Politically] In America," and around the world in general - due to the deepening and worsening effects of the Humanly Inflicted and Intentionally Caused: "Third Seal Of Revelation" - many [previously] Self Professed Christians are beginning to question: "All Of The Lies," that they have been given, by: "The Mother Harlots;" and her [numerous] Spiritually Confused Daughters [the Mainstream and Traditional Churches]. Undoubtedly, this is a very good thing... because: "The Acceptance Of All Truth" - Absolutely Requires: "A: Sincere, Inquisitive, Spiritually Led, and Open Mind!"

Believe it, or not, "Zealotry" is a double-edged sword; and an extremely dangerous one - with respect toward One's Own Personal Salvation. And this is why, The Scriptures Fully Condemn It - just as strongly, as: "The Spirit Of Licentiousness" - upon which, The Erroneous Concept of: "Once Saved, Always Saved"  is [itself] So Unduly Founded. Yahweh fully desires: "Worship In Spirit And In Truth..." for All Of Us To, "Walk The Straight And Narrow Path..." and To Have Us, "Neither: Swerving To The Left [through, Licentiousness], Nor Veering To The Right [through, Spiritual Zealotry]" - as it was, so eloquently, written in The Scriptures!

In Fact, "The Zealot" is [truthfully] No Better Off Spiritually, than: The Hypocrite, The Liar, The Thief, or [even] The Murderer! Why? Because, He Is: "Blinded [to his own personal inadequacies, while simultaneously judging all others];" "He Will Not Listen The Truth [and in fact, will vehemently argue against it, without even listening to those with whom he continually argues];" "His Utter Confusion Is Factually Spread To Others [thus, causing many more people to otherwise stumble, or lose their own spiritual inheritance];" and "He Will Even Cause Physical Harm To Others [in his efforts towards silencing them, whenever he deems it fully necessary to do so]...." The Holy Spirit cannot, and will not, dwell within The Heart Of A Zealot

Of: "All Of These Highly-Zealous Men [Throughout Every Human Generation]," it is equally written:
  • "Woe to you also, you lawyers [those who sit in judgment, over The Scriptures Themselves]! For you load men with burdens hard to bear [for your Humanly Devised Traditions and Erroneous Spiritual Doctrines make reverence for Me, out to be overly burdensome], and you yourselves do not touch the burdens [that, which You Yourself Profess, with such great regard to others] with one of your fingers [and You don't even lift A Single Finger, to actually do them Yourselves]."
  • "Woe to you [who practice such Highly-Abominable Things]! For you build the tombs of the prophets [by showing them due reverence, and Properly Anointing Them As Saints, much later] and your fathers [those, whom You Now Follow After - with unwarranted sincerity] killed them [are The Very Ones, who put My prophets to death]."
  • "In fact [to be Extremely Blunt about it], you bear witness that you approve the deeds of your fathers [by your own Ongoing and Human Actions, defining precisely who you are], for they indeed killed them [their own Historical Records and Well-Kept Documentation irrefutably proves this - for anyone who wants to see], and you build their tombs [by continually turning them into Your Idols Of Worship, before Me]."
  • "Therefore the wisdom of Yahweh also said, 'I will send them prophets [My human messengers] and apostles [those judges, who teach you My Statutes], and some of them [A Great Multitude, when it is finally tallied against them] they will kill and persecute [in their Completely Undue Zealousness], that the blood of all the prophets [every last drop] which was shed from the foundation of the world [since the very first day of creation] may be required of this generation [then living, at the very end of time],"
  • "from the blood of Abel [that very first man, to do My own bidding] to the blood of Zechariah [who showed such great faith in rebuilding and restoring My temple] who perished between the altar and the temple [yet, not having seen, My Ultimate Restoration]. Yes, I say to you [as a matter of Irrefutable Fact], it shall be required of this generation [then, living down at The End Of Times]."
  • "Woe to you lawyers [those, who stand In Their-Own Personal Judgment, over Me]! For you have taken away The Key Of Knowledge [by muddying up the crystal clear waters, that I Myself have so amply provided]. You did not enter in yourselves [for you sought, only after, the Short Term and Personal Gain - which you might receive temporarily], and those who were entering [by studiously, Poring Over My Scriptures] you hindered [by continually lying to them, concerning numerous All-Important Issues]." - Luke 11:46-52.

Can "The True Zealot" ever find his own Humility?
In Great Spiritual Contrast, however: "Open-Minded Believers" are people with whom Yahweh can continue to work: "While, Leading Them Into All Truth" through "His Own Spirit Of Deep-Seated Repentance..." and into "The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua Himself...." Just as The Scriptures [so frequently] declare: "My Sheep hear My Voice, and they follow me, whither-so-ever I goeth." Contrary To Popular Opinion, the [aptly-named] Reformation wasn't the result of Great Spiritual Men - but rather, The Continual Leading Of Yahweh's Own Holy Spirit! Not only, did it Not End, during the [supposed]: "Time Of Spiritual Enlightenment" - but it, factually, Continues To This Day....

Nor, can it be otherwise, Until Yahshua Inevitably Returns, for only then [as the scriptures so plainly state]: "We shall all know Him, even as we ourselves are all fully known by Him." Even as we are reaching out towards others, we [ourselves] must continually grow into: "The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua"; and Yahshua Will Not Return, until we have fully taken [unto ourselves] His Own Spiritual Character! After all, our purpose is to reflect: "Yahshua's True Light" - unto all of the nations of Earth - through our own [personal]: Faith, Teaching, and Ongoing Human Interaction.

Why Is This, You May Ask? 

Yahshua ministers in: "The Most Holy Place"....
Because, when Yahshua finally leaves: "The Most Holy Place" - up in Heaven - where He is now ministering for us, as Our Sole High Priest and Ongoing Spiritual Intercessor - the scriptures clearly state, that we will No Longer Have An Ongoing Need For Atonement. Rather, it plainly states: "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still. And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to everyone according to his work." - in Revelation 22:11-12... Does It Not? And this is because, His Work Shall [Then] Be Fully Finished Within Us!

Until Then, 

Be: "Sincere, Inquisitive, Spiritually Led, and Open-Minded..." "Wise As Serpents, and yet, As Harmless As Doves..." and "Questioning All Things, Whether [Or Not] They Be From Yahweh." For as it was, So Long Ago, Prophesied: "Babylon The Great Has [Already And Truly] Fallen..." "Many Deceivers Have Already Gone Out Into The World..." and, "Angels Of Darkness Make Themselves Out To Be The Servants Of Light!" Remember, He has already told us these things - well, in advance... and it's only Good and Sound Doctrine - to amply consider them of Significant and Spiritual Importance.

Ahava And Shalom.


  1. your words are pretty but really the majority of hard working every day people will be clueless to their intent....why not simple straight forward language?

  2. If they are merely my words, then they only reflect: my personal writing style and the highly precise manner - in which I personally think. Thus, they are wholly unchangeable - due to such natural and personal limitations.

    But if they are not, then they reflect something else entirely. For then, I would be merely: a tool, an instrument, or a conduit - for something, or someone, much greater than myself... and does 'The Pen' determine that, which is extensively written by it; or is it [in fact] the author who does so?

    In either case, such things are wholly beyond my own personal control! Consequently, it is enough that some shall understand [for whom the message is given] and yet others will not [for whom such things are beyond their natural comprehension].

    I do not write, with the personal intention, to confuse anyone!

  3. However, I am surely grateful, that you find my words to be pretty!

  4. In the meantime, I find your assumption that everyone might equally value 'The Truth' - being plainly spoken - to be both: Naive and Somewhat Refreshing. If only, that were so....

    Alas, crystal clarity in such things merely stirs trouble betwixt fellow human beings... and inevitably leads many to to martyrdom. Personally, I'd rather not, that it be me.


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