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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Seven Keys To Prophetic Understanding

Surprisingly, most theological scholars do not understand the thousands of specific prophecies which are included within the pages of your Bible. This is all the more alarming, when we stop to consider that the majority of them have already happened in the past! All one needs to do is: read some of the articles that they have published, listen to the audio recordings from their various radio programs, or watch them stumbling over the scriptures before the television cameras.

Not only, do they commonly disagree with each other - over the various scriptural references and passages - but they'll often reuse the very same biblical passages while discussing unrelated historical periods and human eras. These are all the evidentiary signs of ongoing spiritual confusion.

The most fundamental descriptor of Yahweh [God] is that: "He is a god of Understanding, and not of confusion!" His purpose is to: "Make wise the simple, and confuse [or confound] he who thinks of himself, as being quite wise." Thus, these [self-proclaimed] modern wise men are utterly: blinded, unclothed, and naked - before the substance of His easily understood words.

It is written: "For this purpose, I have set in the midst of them strong delusion, that they might not turn from their ways and seek out repentance." That delusion is to ensure that those who would cause hundreds, or even thousands, of others to stumble will not themselves [unjustly] achieve to their own spiritual salvation. Yes, friends, Yahweh considers these things....

Although Yahweh considers, and is fully aware of, our own personal actions... He doesn't judge us solely, or primarily, by them. Rather, He judges each of us by the matters and motivations of our heart! Did we lie to obtain: selfish gain, social adoration, or personal advantage - or, to lovingly protect another from very real physical or emotional harm? These are the concerns of Yahweh, when judging amongst the fellowship of all men.

Moreover, He alone has the ability to justly and properly do this... since, He alone has True Access to all of His total creation! We cannot properly judge in this manner, thus it is written: "Judge not, that ye may not be judged." Moreover, it is an abomination and blasphemy for us [in any wise] to actually attempt to do so. Thus, the numerous scriptural exhortations against it.

Before The Seven Keys Can Help You:

You must possess a proper Spiritual Foundation upon which to build A True "Scripturally Based" Prophetic Understanding! This means that you need a certain basic understanding of Yahweh's: Nature, Principles, and Expectations Toward His Children. Without such fundamental understandings, no amount of study of The Sacred Scriptures can honestly assist you. These minimal understandings are what the scriptures refer to, as: "The 'Milk' of [spiritual] babes."

Building upon this basic level of spiritual knowledge, we must approach His Word with the proper attitude to fully gain, and benefit, by His instruction. The Bible is Yahweh's book, and only those who approach it - as such - have any real hope of understanding its messages! "But on this one will I look: On him who is poor [humble] and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My Word" - Isaiah 66:2. Moreover, we must be: teachable, willing to learn, and obedient to spiritually directed change! "My sheep hear my voice and they follow Me, whither-so-ever I goeth" - John 10:27.

The First Key To Prophetic Understanding:

Second Timothy 3:16-17, says: "All Scripture is inspired by Yahweh [God] and useful for: Doctrine, Reproof, Correction, and Instruction In All Righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, and thoroughly equipped for every good work." Why is this message important? Because "The Old Testament" and "The New Testament" Scriptures are both: 100 Percent Correct, Equally Binding, Fully Applicable, and Complimentary Spiritual Texts! To view them separately is the spiritual trap, or delusion, set before the leaders of both: Judaism and Christianity. Moreover, it is their arrogance toward God and their fellow man - which prevents them from seeing it.

The New and Old Testaments are "The Two Witnesses" described in the scriptures themselves! They are the "Two Lampstands," which provide the light to our world. They are "The Two Olive Branches," upon which All Israel has been so effectively grafted. Even while, those [very same] branches are still fully boasting against one another. These are they, who shall be trampled under foot - in Jerusalem - when "The Anti-Christ Authority enters and proclaims himself God!" They have the power to, "Open And Close The Doors Of Heaven" - for without them - "All Flesh Would Perish From The Earth!"

The Second Key To Prophetic Understanding:

Revelation isn't a book... it is the overall strategy of Yahweh, and the combined culmination - of all of His prophets! The prophecies of John on Patmos were, but a few, in a series of many more, "End Time Revelations." The Prophets: Malachi, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Micah, and Amos - among others - all refer to: "The Time Of The End," "The End Of The Age," and "The Fearful Or Dreadful Day Of Almighty Yahweh!" Moreover, they do so in very specific, and precise, detail....

In our personal arrogance, and our failure to understand or acknowledge this, we have foolishly ignored very numerous pieces of the overall puzzle! Then - when we fail to understand God's mysteries - we charge Him with: lateness, being off of schedule, or ongoing scriptural failures. Members of our: Churches, Temples, and Synagogues - grow increasingly restless, abandon their faith in Him, and ultimately wander aimlessly away. Many of them becoming the most fervent of religious skeptics and thus inadvertently aiding, or abetting, the very real causes of Satan.  

The Third Key To Prophetic Understanding:
Prophecy is of no private interpretation! For 2nd Peter 1:20, says: "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation...." What does this mean to the [more] spiritually astute Judeo-Christian Believer? In laymans terms, there is but only one singularly, or solitarily, correct understanding of The Scriptures. God [alone] recognizes only one "True Understanding" for what He has given us... and we shall all be held accountable to: personally, thoughtfully, and deliberately seek it out. Moreover, He shall judge us accordingly to our own personal efforts - in this All Important regard!

By entrusting such important matters to others, we are displaying an utter contempt, or blatant disregard, for His promised blessings... We are ignoring the singularly greatest source of evidence and proofs for His factual existence... We are erecting unauthorized human barriers between ourselves and His personal fellowship... And we are violating both: The First, and The Third, Great Commandments. "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me" and "Thou shalt not call upon the name of Yahweh [your mighty one] in vain" - are equally applicable. For, we have elevated our clergy over and above Him!

The Fourth Key To Prophetic Understanding:

Although each of Yahweh's servants - the prophets - came from various often divergent human backgrounds and very different cultural perspectives, they were given access to the very same events in our "End Time" world history. Thus, they wrote it down utilizing references to everyday concepts - which they themselves, or others like them, might fully understand. Moreover, each of them was inadvertantly drawn toward those particular aspects - which they could understand, or relate to, best.

This is merely human nature! Any ten different witnesses - to the very same event - will describe it quite differently, utilizing personally familiar terms and language. Thus, each of them - as witnesses - offers a unique revelation, or insight, into these very same events.   

The Fifth Key To Prophetic Understanding:

However, the basic societies - in which they all lived - operated upon the very same fundamental principles of common societal life! Their rulers were all kings... Their governments were equally described as beasts fighting for position... And their churches were women betrothed, or married, to God. Thus, the Symbology always employed was remarkably consistent! Prophecies - separated by centuries - utilized the very same symbolic terms and figurative terminologies. Consequently, even, very few [self-appointed] scholars will disagree upon these.

The Sixth Key To Prophetic Understanding:

Like any other human being, The Prophets recorded it - as they saw it unfolding - primarily in direct sequence! This is only natural for humans, after all. None of the prophets were Computer Programmers used to thinking in terms of spaghetti code: functions, recursions, or loops. They were: Farmers, Shepherds, Merchants, Military Officers, and Princes. People who are sequentially oriented in their overall thinking. Thus, their prophecies followed those very same patterns - while pausing to notate, wherever more explanation might be justified, or needed.  

The Seventh Key To Prophetic Understanding:

Unlike us, Yahweh [God] knew exactly how much time would pass between these prophecies! He knew the details of every event to ultimately transpire... during which, many: wars, disasters, plagues, and other events would physically transpire. Nor, did He ever intend to document them all.... Thus, when a key or historically relevant event is even mentioned as a: point of reference, marker, or road sign - you can be sure that it is one of great human significance and impossible for anyone [anywhere] to miss!

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