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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God's Plan For The "Spiritual Seed" Of Israel

Human DNA is God's Physical/Spiritual Seed.....
Do you ever wonder, why Yahweh and His Word [Yahshua] have consistently utilized the very same human terms - such as: "Virgins," "Harlots," and "Whores" for the spiritual nations or churches; and: "Children," "Prodigals," and "Genetic Seed" - when talking about their spiritual descendants... or why God calls Himself: "Our Father?" There are 287 Clear References to the term "Seed" [alone] in the scriptures.... But, have you ever wondered why? Remember, Yahweh does absolutely nothing by accident!

Considering The Parables spoken of and taught by Yahshua, these specific Biblical References and Terms are lent a far more profound Spiritual Significance.

For instance, let's consider: "The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares."

  • "The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field [He scattered The Spiritual Seed of Genetic Israel over the entire earth]; But while men slept [but while the seed was yet still dormant], his enemy came [Lucifer interfered] and sowed tares [and planted other genetic seeds of his own] among the wheat [in the very same fields] and went his way [without notice or attracting anyone else's attention]."
  • "But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop [when His Good Seed came up], then the tares also appeared [so did the: Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Babylonians - as fully prophesied, so long ago]."
  • "So the servants of the owner [The Angels] came and said to Him, 'Sir, did you not sow good seed [Genetic Israel] in your field [The Earth]? How then does it have tares [where did these other Corrupted Human Beings come from]?'"
  • "He said to them, 'An enemy [The Destroyer and Corrupter Of Schemes] has done this [has once, yet again, interfered into My plans].' The servants [His angels] said to Him, 'Do you want us then to go and gather them up [should we destroy these other, more wicked families, which have been planted among them]?'"
  • "But He [Yahweh] said, 'No, lest while you gather up the tares [the spiritual children of Lucifer, or Babylon] you also uproot the wheat [the spiritual children of Yahweh, or Israel] with them [for their roots are too closely intertwined upon the earth].' Let both [The Babylonian and The Israelite] grow together [fully populate and inhabit the earth] until the harvest [until the day of destruction], and at the time of harvest [and in the judgment] I will say to the reapers [I shall say to My servants], "First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them [pack the wicked ones tightly into their own self-chosen cities of human and material refuge], but gather the wheat into My barn [but call The Children Of Israel back to My Holy Mountain of Zion].'" - Mathew 13:24-30.

A photo of New York City from the waterfront.
Most of us, have certainly noticed the differences in, "The City Folks" - from those of us who choose to live in, "A More Rural Lifestyle..." there are vast differences of Personal and Spiritual Focus between them... and they are becoming increasingly antagonistic towards one another: Materially, Politically, and Spiritually. But, precisely, why is that the case? And what are The True Underlying Spiritual Forces which are propelling this more recent political dynamic? And more importantly, where are these Unexplained Political Forces so rapidly propelling us?

The Cities Of Earth have increasingly become: "Beacons Of Socially Emitted Darkness," as the spiritually wicked are so rapidly streaming into them; and as, "The Morally Disgusted" are increasingly leaving them - by their millions... and is this by mere accident, or A Carefully Preplanned Design? I believe, that it's actually the latter! That, in fact, The "Wheat" and "Tares" are [at this very moment] "Separating Themselves" along largely: Ideological, Philosophical, and Spiritual Lines - which are predestined by Yahweh Himself....

The "Tower Of  Babel" a portrait by Brueghel...
And that, The KEY is to be found, within the continual scriptural references to: "Babylon The Great..." and [precisely] why Yahweh scattered us, Over The Entire Earth, in the first place! Of course, one's spiritual eyes must be opened before they'll understand these things... and I cannot [honestly] lend you my own eyes, to see this. Instead, I can merely paint you A Mental Picture of what I Am Truly Attempting To Say.... You will either see it, or you won't!

But for those who do, I will continue along In These Specific Lines Of Spiritual Reasoning.

The Political War Of Ideologies, now raging all around us, and which we refer to as that of: "Red State/Blue State" - within The United States - is actually one between: "Ungodly City Dwellers" and their polar opposites: "The Spiritually Discerning" - who largely surround them geographically. Meanwhile, The Political Tensions - which, by now, are exponentially increasing - are based upon the stark awareness of [precisely] How Dependent These Cities Have Become upon The Natural Resources largely controlled by Such Rural Societies, which are now physically surrounding them... and Battle Plans [or strategies of conquest] are now being devised - by those currently in power - in order to rectify this More Dangerous Political Predicament.

The Vatican is "clothed in purple and scarlet."
The Major Cities Of Our Earth - also known as: "Babylon The Great," and which are under the direct control of: "The Mother Of Harlots," - are fixing to wage war upon the more Spiritual People [or, The Israelites] who fully surround them... and, in some instances, still foolishly live amongst them! The United States [as recorded in Isaiah Chapter 18 and Revelation 6:7-8] shall be Only The First to initiate this new and developing phase in Earth's Ongoing History - which was clearly prophesied, so long ago, by the earlier prophets of Yahweh.

The First Three Seals Of Revelation were merely the means utilized by, "Babylon The Great," in order to bring about its own Preplanned Spiritual Separation of its Ideological Chaff from The Spiritual Wheat in preparation for Its One Massive And Final Battle Against Yahweh. They fully intend to: "Come Out As A Flood Of Humanity Against Israel" and thoroughly overwhelm it by their Sheer Ferocity and Numerical Advantages.

Just One More Rider To Go....
The Fourth Seal Of Revelation will be the Culmination and Fruition of this Insidious New Plan upon the continent of North America - in their ongoing effort towards perfecting the necessary systems and techniques Upon A Real Live Human Population - for the very first time... and it shall come: Suddenly [from a historic perspective], Unexpectedly [to most of its highly distracted citizenry], and Without Apparent Cause [in the eyes of a now fully alert and attentatively watching world]!

Meanwhile, The Fifth Seal Of Revelation will be merely the natural expansion of these newly acquired Military Techniques and Political Tactics to fully encompass The Entire Kingdom Of Babylon [which is The Rest Of The Earth - with the noticeable exception of Israel]. At that time, hundreds of millions of True Believers shall flee to the land of Israel; and "The Banner" which shall be waving there - as fully promised within The Scriptures.

And once "All Israel" has been fully gathered to Mount Zion, Yahweh's People shall have been sealed for all of time - by the Fully Understood Fulfillment of these Scripturally Promised Events! Consequently, The Sixth Seal Of Revelation will have been completed with no direct action at all upon the part of "Babylon The Great;" and thus, will be merely notated, by: "The signs which are given in Heaven and Upon The Earth" - through Yahweh's Own Power, while acting completely alone... Thus Ending Round 1, in A Two Sided Battle - for the Hearts and Minds of All Humanity!

Just Consider, What The Scripture Says:
  • "So shall they fear The Name Of Yahweh from the west [The Western Democracies] And His Glory [Yahshua] from the rising of the sun [The East Asian Empires]; When the enemy comes in like a flood [when Ancient Babylon overwhelms the entire earth], The Spirit Of Yahweh [His Holy Spirit] will lift up a standard [The Physical Nation Of Israel then comprising both houses of: Judah and Israel] against him [unyielding and in the very midst of his empire]. The Redeemer [Yahshua, Our Messiah] will come to Zion [The Land Of Israel], And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob [All Of Spiritual Israel, Both: The So-Called Christians and The Self-Proclaimed Jews - who now properly understand The True Issues], Says Yahweh." - Isaiah 59:19-20.

You see, it's just not enough to simply: "Come Out Of Spiritual Babylon, My People..." but we must also: Be Spiritually Prepared, and Thus Properly Understand precisely where He [Yahweh] wants us [Spiritual Israel], to flee to [at that time] - for, when The Final Battle inevitably comes! And The Sacred Scriptures are filled to overflowing with thousands of just such Highly-Important Biblical References to this: "Last Day Regathering Of His Spiritual Remnant...."

Think About It, Honestly....

How can one truly depart from: "Babylon The Great" - while Physically Remaining, within its Geographic Borders and Political Boundaries? Sure, you can move further and further out into Its Rapidly Growing Suburbs... but these too, are being increasingly filled up to the brim, with its ongoing Human Decay and Spiritual Corruption. And, More Importantly, They Want To Physically Exterminate You from The Entire Surface Of The Earth! They cannot peaceably co-exist with us or any others.

I just thought, that you might want know....


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