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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who is Francis R. Barbour - The Watchman - who writes at: "The Truth About God"

Francis R. Barbour - The Watchman.
Francis R. Barbour is: "A True Believer," "A Wanderer," and "A Pilgrim Upon This Earth..." one who seeks: "A Better Country," "A Peaceful Heritage," and "A City Made Without Hands...." He is: "An Ethnic Or Genetic Mutt" of certain Indiscriminant Physiological Heritage. Possessing: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Red Facial Hair, and A Six Foot Tall Physical Frame. And yet, Inwardly: "An Israelite," "A Seeker After Truth," and "A Man Without Personal Guile." For there is absolutely nothing that he truly wants more than, that: "Yahweh's Kingdom Might At Last Come!"
He's both: Physically and Spiritually Tired - of "Living Amidst Babylon [the land of ongoing: Lies, Deceptions, Obfuscations, and Confusions]." He is An Abject And Total Failure, at personally navigating, "The Traps And Pitfalls Of Babylon [the overarching and redundant complexities of Modern Life]." He personally believes that: "No man was ever intended to live like this [for Our Creator never intended such idiotic foolishness to exist]..." and this, is His Own Personal Character.

But, what of Francis R. Barbour, The Human Child, who grew over a lifetime - of personal experiences - to [eventually] one day become him?

Well Here's My Own Personal Story....

I grew up as The Youngest Of Numerous Children... of which none, shared both of my own parents. I was The Product of a typical blended American family. I [undoubtedly] received the lion's share of my parents Emotional Attention. After all, I was the youngest; and like all youngest children, I largely received from The Benefits of my own parents past personal mistakes - that they incurred, while raising still others. And perhaps, more importantly, I was born at a time when our parents were largely more settled....

My Human Father was A Self-Defined Man! He was: "A [self described] Jack Of All Trades, And Yet Master Of None," "A Soldier From World War II," "A Master Chef," "A Carpenter," "A Bus Driver," "A Heavy Equipment Operator," "A Truck Driver," "A Mechanic," and "A Baptist Lay-Minister" - and at various times in his life. Which obviously led to Numerous Personal Experiences and Conversations With Him - upon a whole host of interesting topics - over the course of His Ever-Evolving Physical and Spiritual Life. And, in fact, I learned alot more from him [personally], than I could ever have honestly imagined....

At times these were [honestly] The Exact Wrong Things to have learned, or picked up on. For example, I [myself] have been A Self Defined Man. I have equally been: "A Jack Of All Trades, And Yet Master Of None," "A Military Veteran," "A Carpenter," "A Heavy Equipment Operator," "A Truck Driver," and [even] "A Lay-Minister" - over the course of my lifetime - among still other things. And, like him, I have been largely impoverished by these lifelong experiences. For Worldly Success isn't ever measured in the number of a man's personal skills; but rather, resides in: The Promotion and Marketing of his Ongoing Singularity In Overall Focus!

And yet, at still other times, I acquired The Right Things To Have Learned, as well. For example, he taught me:
  • "Always Question Everything You: See, Hear, and [even] Read!"
  • "Never Fully Trust Anyone - Especially Someone Who Claims To Be An Expert At Anything!"
  • "To Understand Anything At All, You Must Always Follow The Money!"
  • "God Is Important, Always Seek Him Out Diligently!"
  • "Always Follow Your Own Path, Especially When Its Harder!"
  • "Whatever You Do, Just Be The Best At It, That You Possibly Can Be!" 

This was: Roger C. Barbour - Parental Studies 101... and I have always taken it heart, and applied it to my own personal life, as best I could. And, as many who know me can personally tell you, I am An Amazing Dichotomy of both: Spiritual Successes and Physical Failures - which have continually plagued my own life! In Essence, I destroyed my own life: "While just starting out of the blocks" and have usually existed: "Handling Serious Damage Control" due to: "The Cascading Effects Of My Own Past," and "The People Whom I Have Largely Invited Into It." In that respect, I guess, I'm like most of you....

No, I didn't create All Of My Own Personal Problems... but, The Problems Which I Honestly Did Create, ultimately led to them - just as Surely, Absolutely, and Inescapably - as if I had! So, who's to blame? I [honestly] don't care, anymore... and You Shouldn't Care - In Your Own Personal Circumstances - either! Why? Because, That's All In The Past. There's nothing that any of us can do about it... and All Of Those Past Experiences, have already duly imparted their own Spiritual Lessons. It's not about: Passing Blame, or Accepting Responsibility, at all... it's about: "Growing Into The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua!"

Meanwhile, My Mother [Brigitta Elizabeth Randsmaier] was An Austrian Princess... and yes, I mean this quite literally! Her mother, The Duchess Leapoldina Katrina Randsmaier, was one of the infamous Hapsburgs of Austria... and although the family no longer possesses any great authority, anywhere within Europe [to my own personal knowledge], she still attempted to instill certain Highly-Important Traits into all of her children....

Among These Strong Family Traits, Were:
  • A Love For History, and an understanding of our individual places within it.
  • A Value For Traditions, and a thoughtful reflection upon why certain things inevitably happen.
  • A Desire For Excellence, in everything that you set your hands to do.
  • A True Passion For The Arts, in all of their various and humanly-inspired forms.
  • The Importance Of Education, whether: formal, secondary, or just long term and accumulative.

And while none of us totally lived up to Her Own Personal Expectations [early on in our lives], all three of us were in fact deeply impressed with These Strong Family Traits - in some certain and quantifiable measure. While each man numbers his own steps, throughout his own personal life, such Consistent Parental Guidance does [in fact] exert its own particular influence - as well... and so it was, with myself and [even] my own brothers. To deny this factual occurrence would be utter foolishness.  
As For, My Personal Experiences....

My Own Life has been miraculously spared from A Sudden Death at least four times. I saw an Angel at age 11, and he talked with about something, that to this day I do not [honestly] remember. And For Over Ten Years, of my life, I had the very same Recurring Dream.... Call me crazy, but I thought that [perhaps] it might be somewhat significant. And so, everywhere I went, I'd ask Other Spiritually Minded People to explain it to me... but, no one could Interpret It or [even] Explain It To Me.

And Here Is That Dream [I Certainly Can't Forget It]:

  • "I am walking into the front door of a magnificent two story white antebellum mansion, furnished with amazing furnishings and even antiques. As I am walking through this house, I wonder at all of the wonderful things which are in it - even as I instinctually know and fully understand that the house and these things are all personally mine. How I got them, is the only real question."
  • "As I walk out onto the back porch, a lavish party is already underway. There are many people all dressed up in their finery, and attendants bringing them food and wine. The people are all pleasantly conversing with one another and obviously having a great time at this lawn party."
  • "But the moment that they notice me, everyone stops and looks at me with great expectation and hopefulness. I can hardly navigate the party without everyone wanting to earnestly shake my hand and thank me. But for [exactly] what, I honestly do not understand."
  • "It is then, that I realize that this is 'My Party' and given in honor of 'Me.' But for what, I still don't know...."
  • "As I move past them, I walk across an absolutely perfect lawn - it's startlingly lush and green beyond comprehension, and I notice that there aren't any weeds of any type or description anywhere upon this entire property."
  • "As I walk further, I approach a beautiful river and a boathouse. A child of mine is happily playing upon the lawn. As I see the child playing, my heart fills with utter joy within me."
  • "I continue onward towards the boathouse and inspect it, filled with wonder at what it honestly represents, for there is no longer any boat within it... and it [seemingly] serves absolutely no purpose."
  • "So I leave, having decided to simply return back to the party. But in my path is a: large, red, and scaly serpent. He is around two feet in diameter and perhaps thirty, or even forty, feet long. I immediately recognize that he doesn't belong here, and that he is extremely dangerous. And yet, I myself feel absolutely no fear at all of him! And, for a moment, we just stare at one another...."
  • "Three separate times I pick up stones and hurl them at him, and strike him three separate times directly in his head. Each time, he rears up and grows angrier, while hissing at me. But after the third stone, he quietly and quickly slithers away."
  • "Having [finally] run off the serpent, I realize that I am in the very same area where my child was playing much earlier. And, as my heart begins breaking uncontrollably, I search for that child very desperately... but, he or she is nowhere to be found."
  • "I then look for the serpent, but he has [utterly] disappeared from my sight...."

I've recounted This Particular Dream thousands of times, to so many people, that I cannot begin to count them... and yet, no one could give me The Right Answer [or, The Correct Interpretation] - to what it truthfully means! But two months ago, The Spirit Of Yahweh [Himself] gave me the meaning of This Fantastical Dream. And since that time, I have have been receiving All Sorts Of Visions, and I now Recognize His Voice, when He Talks To Me. And [No] it is not like someone on a loudspeaker talking down at me.... It is more like, He is already inside of me.

Frequently, These Ongoing Visions include, their appropriate: New and Old Testament Scriptures already in them. Upon waking up, I can look at The Exact Same Passages within my Bible and they are always there - Exactly Where He Has Shown Me, and every single word is Exactly The Same - within the written scriptures.

One of the things, which initially startled me, was that, many of These Scriptural References were ones that: I Never Much Studied [possessing a decidedly Christian Worldview and Perspective], I Had Never Memorized [as my attention had never been focused specifically upon them], and I Had Never Overly Concerned Myself With [since, they were only relevant to: The Re-Establishment Of Genetic Israel to The Holy Land]. I Had Previously Understood These to be Wholly Separate Spiritual Issues!

Upon questioning, This Understanding, however, I was shown precisely what happened to: "The Lost Tribes Of Israel" - in a vision, which included A Lesson Upon Human Genetics. Yahweh: "Knows Who Every One Of His Own Children [Israel] Are" and He has thoroughly explained it to my own personal human satisfaction. Not, that my personal opinion, or anyone else's, even matters - of course. But the explanation was so simple, and yet incredible, as to be truly profound!

Am I Crazy? Perhaps... but everything, that He has been showing me, Relates To Current And Ongoing Physical Events - in the real world - that we are now living in... and I, at least, know enough from The Anecdotal Evidences Of Human History to take it to heart - very seriously! I can't [honestly] make it any plainer, than that.

And finally, He has shown me What Is Soon Going To Happen To America - The False Prophet Of Babylon - and the nations of North America, which are surrounding it.... and [No] Brothers and Sisters, The People Now Digging Into This Stuff, Aren't Conspiracy Theorists At All! In fact, The Conspiracy Is Quite Real and has been going on since, The Original Tower Of Babel. Do you remember the passage in Revelation, where it talks about: "The Beast That Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is?"

Well, that Beast [Or Physical Kingdom]: "Was [Babylon The Great, before the scattering], And Is Not [physically in existence at that time when the prophesies were written], And Yet Is [when it arises still again at the appointed time in Earth's History before The Judgment]." Did you ever stop to question, "Why everyone upon the earth marvels at it's eventual restoration?" It's because, they don't Properly or Fully Understand The Scriptures! They can't, until it's far too late, because The Acceptance Of God's Plan For Israel Is The KEY, to unlock such a God-Given and Spiritually Led Understanding... and this, is [of itself]: "A Rock Of Offense To So Many."

Who Is Francis R. Barbour?

He Is: "Merely One Of The Many Genetic Descendants Of Israel," [although I might not look like one] "A Man Who Has Traveled Upon A Long Spiritual Journey [over the course of my lifetime]," and "A Man Preparing To Go Upon A Fairly Short Physical Trip [to a land I have never personally been to]..." "Back To The Homeland Once Possessed By My Long Ago Ancestors [The Ten Lost, Or Missing, Tribes Of Israel]."

And when I get there,  as I know I shall: "I Am Going To Celebrate A Marriage Between Myself And Yahshua [My Savior]," "In The Sight Of Yahweh [His Father]," and "Observe All Of His Feasts Upon The Earth [as we were always intended to do]..." while, "Yahweh Ushers In That New And Worldwide Spiritual Kingdom [as prophesied so long ago]!"

What, more, can be said?



  1. What 'bills' do "aliens and pilgrims while on the earth" incur?

    And when will you fully realize that your "citizenship(Life) is in Heaven !NOW!" ?

    BORN ANEW "sons of YAH" have their portion !NOW! with The Messiah and The Faithful in The Family of "Our Father and GOD", "of WHOM the whole Family in Heaven and ON EARTH is named"!

    And NEW "Jerusalem above IS !NOW! the mother of us all"!

    So the need to take heed and "Come Out of her(babel>confusion<>babylon<>world<religion), MY people!"

    If such were so, hope would be directed towards nurturing, and the realization evermore, of that seed that bears fruit unto Eternal Life.

    You had testified some 15 months ago, "i can assure You that i will, Elderchild. i most certainly will...."

    Thankfully, i have realized evermore of how "poor and needy" i truly am, and so it is that i, just as The Messiah did, realize and bear witness unto The Truth that speaks, "i can do nothing of mine own self"!

    Father Help! and HE does.......

  2. Elderchild,

    To my own knowledge, there is nothing in this article about bills of any kind. Perhaps, you could point out where that reference is located?

    Meanwhile, of course, You Stated: " You had testified some 15 months ago, ' i can assure You that i will, Elderchild. i most certainly will.... ' " And yet, I'm not The One who incessantly uses: "i", rather than "I"? I always use proper English. It looks, very suspiciously, like your own writing to me!

    However, I do realize, that you're only commenting for the back links....

  3. You had written, "I trudge onward in my quest to help enlighten others - while hopefully paying my bills each month."

    Simply sad for you )-;

    Yet while breath is, HOPE IS!

    For TRUTH IS! Miracles do happen.......

    Father Help! and HE does.......

  4. Elderchild,

    The fact that I [ like all human beings ] must continue to pay our earthly governments their own levied sums - in order to retain my own personal property... and, others for their own products and services being rendered... is a factual reality! Can you live entirely free, of any expense, where you are? I, really, don't understand your own personal contentions....

    I didn't ask for anyone's money... and, merely, stated a relative fact in that particular statement... which, by the way, is not found anywhere within the text of this article! So, what is your point?

    Are you just seeking a personal forum, in order to: Express Your Own Criticisms And Negativity, Exact Your Own Personal Judgments [ at the expense of others ], or Inflate Your Own Ego [ by belittling those all around you ]? Because, such things bring about: Disharmony, Disunity, and Negative Emotional Results... and, there is absolutely nothing good that ultimately results from it! Nor, does it [ factually ] bolster your own: Smug and Self-Assured Spiritual Authority - in the eyes of anyone else....


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