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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 59: The World Is Plunged Into Great Spiritual Darkness

Isaiah Chapter 59: "As A Light Shining In A Dark Place."
In Isaiah Chapter 59, we read about: "A Time Of Great Spiritual Darkness" - just prior to Yahshua's Prophesied Return. Nor, did this 'Spiritual Darkness' occur overnight, but had been: Long In Coming, Carefully Cultivated By Those Forces Behind It, and Intentionally Premeditated Upon Their Behalf. For this has been: "The Mystery Of Lawlessness" - as referenced in 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2; and continually, throughout  both of: The Old and New Testaments!

The Question Upon The Minds Of Many, however, is: "Why did Yahweh intentionally allow this to happen?" For, He Has Most-Certainly Done So; and the results have been [seemingly] disastrous for the rest of humanity. And yet, it is highly-important that we may obtain to, A Truly Spiritual and Long-Term Perspective: Cities Can Be Rebuilt, Material Possessions Can Be Recovered, and [Yes] Even Lost Lives Can Be Fully Restored - but, The Spiritual Lessons [being currently imparted] shall bear: "An Eternal Fruit For The Entire Race Of Humanity..." for, it has been [frequently] written: "Lawlessness Shall Never Arise A Second Time!"

Just as Yahweh fully allowed for: "Pharoah, hardening his own heart" - to display His Own Spiritual Glory, before all other nations of the earth - He has allowed This Second Physical Example, to Personally and Deeply Afflict all of the world's lesser and greater nations, that the entire earth might receive the substantial benefit of These Highly-Important Spiritual Lessons - for once and for all time.... Otherwise, The Ongoing Psychosis Of Sin and Lawlessness could never be fully extirpated from its continued existence among us!

And in, "This Light," therefore, let us more-fully [or closely] examine The Scriptures....

Isaiah Chapter 59, Begins By Declaring:
  • "Behold [pay attention], Yahweh's hand is not shortened [He has not lost his power over the nations, to fully rebuke and chasten them], That it cannot save [or to rescue His Children from out of their truly powerless hands]; Nor His ear heavy [He never grows sleepy or tired], That it cannot hear [He still listens to: our cries, appeals, and complaints]."
  • "But your iniquities have separated you from your Mighty One [for it is written, that: "Even the prayers of the wicked are an abomination to Yahweh"]; And your sins [all of your: wrong-mindedness, double-dealing, and back-stabbing] have hidden His face from you [for this reason alone, He ignores your ongoing and heartfelt pleas], So that He will not hear [and therefore, your sincere prayers go largely unanswered]."
  • "For your hands are defiled with blood [you continually slay My Saints and My Prophets in your utter spiritual ignorance], And your fingers with iniquity [and you are constantly devising new ways to continually offend Me]; your lips have spoken lies [you teach My Children and Others to fully disrespect Me], your tongue has muttered perversity [and you claim things, In My Name, which I have clearly not spoken]."
  • "No one calls for Justice [they merely want things to go their own personal way], Nor does any plead for Truth [they merely want to: manipulate it, modify it, and use it for their own personal gain]. They trust in Empty Words [uttering pleasant and smooth things, while covering their fully opposite intentions] and speak Lies [while largely thinking, that I don't rightfully see them]; They conceive Evil [constantly plotting against Me and even one another] and bring forth Iniquity [still, even more troubles, upon the earth]."
  • "They hatch vipers' eggs [to poison the people's minds against Me] and weave the spiders' web [everyone attempting to physically and spiritually entrap his neighbor]; He who eats the eggs dies [for there is no Eternal Life for those who will remove themselves far from Me], And from that which is crushed [by the saints and prophets that I continually send you] a viper breaks out [you invade this New Spiritual Entity and turn it fully against Me, as you have continually done so]."

As you can see, this is both: A Message For "The Last Days Of Earth's History" and An Apt Description For Our Present Day. Do you [honestly] believe this, to be 'A Mere Coincidence?' And why, would you [honestly] think such a thing? Just consider, The Prophetic Time-Line, in which we now live... is there any real: "Wiggle-Room [or, even a slight margin] For Error?" I would challenge you, to think about this Very Seriously! For, The Number Of Conceptual Coincidences - now historically accumulating - is without any conceivable precedence in any other knowledgeable area of Scientifically-Minded and Human Study!

Meanwhile, Isaiah Chapter 59, goes on to show us The Inevitable Results of all of these Collective and Human Activities....

Isaiah Chapter 59, Displays The Results:
  • "Their webs [their unwise manipulations and destructive intrigues] will not become garments [shall never be acceptable to Yahweh, in place of His firmly established and spiritual order], Nor will they cover themselves [or cloth themselves] with their works [the little good, that they misguidedly perceive that they accomplish]; Their works [all of them] are works of Iniquity [for they have not fully heeded My own personal instructions], And The Act Of Violence [their Evil Intentions toward others] is in their hands [motivates every good thing, that they actually accomplish upon the earth]."
  • "Their feet run toward Evil [they cannot even resist it for one single moment], And they make haste to shed innocent blood [they rush to wrong judgment against anyone who honestly speaks up for Me personally]; Their thoughts are thoughts of Iniquity [they cannot control the Evil Desires, which truly do motivate them]; Wasting and destruction are in their paths [everything, that they fully do, leads to an eventual calamity]."
  • "The Way Of Peace [the building up and edifying of one another with: love, respect, contentment, and gladness] they have not known [they refuse to even try it], And there is No Justice [True Fairness, True Equality, and True Brotherhood] in their ways [because these are just Empty Words to those who don't Truly Know Me]; They have made themselves crooked paths [rather than walking The Straight And Narrow Path in real spirit and in absolute truth]; Whoever takes that way [following after their own selfish deceptions] shall not know Peace [for such a thing cannot honestly happen - it is both: Physically and Spiritually Impossible]."

And as The Entire Earth increasingly embraces The Physical and Spiritual Darkness - which is: "Babylon The Great" - under the complete direction of: "The Mysterious Brotherhood," and, "The Mother of Harlots" [which fully controls them]; things shall continuously: "Grow Worse And Worse" - for all of humankind! For, this is The Spiritually Discerned Lesson, that Yahweh fully intends us to learn from these [now ongoing] Historical Occurrences.... 

Please consider, The Next Section from this Most-Valuable and Highly-Spiritual Perspective....

Isaiah Chapter 59, Then Reasons With Us:
  • "Therefore Justice is far from us [because of these things, we are wholly incapable of obtaining True Justice], Nor does righteousness overtake us [nor can we lift ourselves up from our repetitious human  mistakes]; We look for Light [constantly seeking to do that which is good], but there is Darkness [for we don't honestly understand, that which is Highly-Necessary and Readily-Missing for truly accomplishing it]! For Brightness [for, even, just a glimmer of The True Light], but we walk about in blackness [because, He who offers such Light is fully hidden from us]!"
  • "We grope for the wall [we seek any source of Spiritual Direction, at all] like the blind [those who cannot see, for whatever reason], And we grope [we continually feel around for something of substantial substance] as if we had no eyes [and yet, they are merely closed, while the daylight continually shines all around us]; We stumble at noonday [while the daylight is even at its brightest] as at twilight [as if, there is very little light to walk by]; We are as Dead Men [wholly unaware of our own physical surroundings] in Desolate Places [as if, we were already in our own graves]."
  • "We all growl like bears [in our overbearing anger and frustration], And moan sadly like doves [in tremendous heartbreak and anxiety]; We look for Justice [constantly desiring it, more than anything else], but there is none [it is available nowhere upon our entire planet]; For Salvation [for the means of physical egress, from our own humanly-devised troubles], but it is far from us [because, we fully reject The Only One Capable of honestly and truthfully providing it]."
  • "For our Transgressions are multiplied before You [we have geometrically compounded the sins of our ancestors], And our Sins testify against us [the entire earth groans under the penalties for our collectively accumulative sins]; For our Transgressions are with us [our own problems dwell entirely inside of us], And as for our Iniquities [the things that we do] we know them [we are not ignorant of these matters]:"
  • "In Transgressing and Lying against Yahweh [deceiving our own children, even as we continually do towards one another], And Departing from Our Mighty One [by ignoring, His Judgments and Statutes], Speaking Oppression [attempting to enslave our own physical brothers] and Revolt [but not upon our own selves, of course], Conceiving and uttering from the heart Words Of Falsehood [cooking up our own personal schemes and following through with these continually ill-gotten deceptions]."
  • "Justice is turned back [we are accomplishing the exact opposite things, than what we Truly Desire above all else], And Righteousness stands afar off [as the inevitable result of doing these continually wicked things]; For Truth is fallen in the street [we are no longer able to pierce the veil of our own inner darkness - due to all of the misinformation and constantly conflicting reports], And Equity cannot enter [thus, we cannot honestly distinguish between, that which is: Truly Right or Decidedly Wrong]."
  • "So Truth fails [True Knowledge and Right Understanding now falters under this onslaught of Continual and Perpetual Darkness], And he who departs from Evil [the prophet, whom I have truthfully given you] makes himself a prey [must continually fear for his own life]."

And isn't this Factually The Case - as these things Currently Stand Today? Of Course, It Is! How can any of us Honestly Deny It? To do so, goes far beyond any relative measure of Personal and Self-Deception.... Brothers and Sisters, mere Human Narcissism can [honestly] no longer explain this worldwide predicament... for what we are now experiencing, is the result of A Complete Psychotic Breakdown - within our entirely modern human civilization! Don't fool yourselves, into believing [in any way] otherwise....

However, Yahweh never intended that This Current Human Situation - Of Spiritual Depravity - should last for Any Real Length Of Time... but rather, just long enough, to teach us The True Folly Of: "Leaning Upon Our Own Human Understandings!" For, These Ultimate Circumstances have been fully allowed to occur - for our own: Long Term and Spiritual Benefit. Mankind cannot [honestly] move forward, into achieving His True and Spiritual Potential - without, These Much-Needed Lessons!

And yet, it also written: "Woe, to those who have largely brought These Long Prophesied Circumstances about..." for they have done so to Their Own Personal Benefit, and not in any pro-active service to Our One Common Creator! These are: "The Vessels Of Dishonor" - spoken of so clearly within the scriptures, as being: "Fully Made Of Clay..." even as Yahweh's Prophets have always been: "The Vessels Of Honor" - which were: "Fully Fashioned From Gold," and,"Refined In The Fires Of Their Own Personal Afflictions" - as prophesied, That They Always Truly Would Be! Lest, we should honestly forget it....

But, Yahweh, then completes His Story Of Our Human Redemption found within Isaiah Chapter 59, with the following....

Isaiah Chapter 59, Displays Our Redemption:
  • "Then Yahweh saw it [He once again actively looked down upon the habitation of men, after having intentionally averted His own eyes, lest He look down upon our increasing wickedness during this time and utterly destroy us, as the inevitable result], and it displeased Him [far beyond our own human experience, of relevant disgust] That there was No Justice [anywhere upon the earth, not even in the smallest of all human communities]."
  • "He saw that there was no man [not even among the self-professed shepherds of His teachings], And wondered that there was No Intercessor [for even The Wisest among them, were mere Spiritual Infants; and such A Horrific Thing should not be]; Therefore His own arm [Yahshua, His own right hand and His first physical creation] brought salvation for Him [by returning to The Earth and subsequently: "Ruling it with a rod of iron" - as long ago prophesied]; And His own righteousness [The Perfection Of The Father, living exclusively within His Son] it sustained Him [it achieved The Desired and Fully-Necessary Result]."
  • "For He [Yahshua, The Messiah] put on Righteousness as a breastplate [by dwelling among us as: "The Living And Perfect Example"], And a helmet of Salvation upon His head [by dying, in our own rightful place]; He put on the garments of Vengeance for clothing [by assuming His Proper Place of physical leadership over The Entire Earth], And was clad with Zeal as a cloak [for He Alone, understood The Utter Futility Of Half-Hearted and Human Measures]."
  • "According to their deeds [as only He - being perfect in overall character - can honestly perceive them], accordingly He will repay [for it is fitting, that only He can Knowledgeably and Rightfully Do So], Fury to His adversaries [those who wage A Spiritual War Against Him], Recompense to His enemies [those who willingly follow these leaders of: Spiritual Darkness, Blatant Misinformation, and Political Mayhem]; The coastlands [those who grew wealthy by trading amongst the world's oceans] He will fully repay [for the pain and suffering, that they have fully caused, upon the earth]."
  • "So shall they fear [upon the day, that I heap up their Eventual Destruction] The Name Of Yahweh [Oh yes, they shall certainly All Know My Name, when I do this] from the west [in those, so called, Wealthy Western Democracies], And His Glory [Yahshua, My One And Only Begotten Son] from the rising of the sun [in all of those, self-proclaimed, East Asian Empires]; For when the enemy comes in like a flood [thinking to, at last fully destroy My people, in one great and historical battle], The Spirit Of Yahweh will lift up a standard [even that, seemingly weak, nation of Judah and Israel] against him [for I am gathering all of My children to Zion, and to the table of My Feast's - as so long ago prophesied]."
  • "[Moreover] The Redeemer [whom you, so foolishly, refer to as Jesus] will come to Zion [as well], And to those who turn from Transgression in Jacob [and to all of those who possess My Deeply Implanted Spiritual Seed], Says Yahweh."
  • "As For Me, says Yahweh, 'This is My covenant with them [as it has always been truly reported, within its True and Proper Context]: My Spirit who is upon you [fully attests to this fact], And My words which I have put in your mouth [have equally assured this Obvious Spiritual Truth], shall not depart from your mouth [because, I have willed it to be this way], nor from the mouths of your descendants [for, I am completely unchanging, in My overall nature towards you], nor from the mouths of your descendants' descendants [for My counsels are Wholly Secured and Completely Unyielding],' Says Yahweh [Your Creator], From this time and forever more [and very soon, as you recognize the passage of time, you shall understand This Very Simple Fact]."

How can I [honestly] give you, This Timely Message? Because, The Time, For It, is Now Fully At Hand... Yahweh is now, once again, communicating with His People upon the earth - even as the remaining oil, In Spiritual Babylon's Own Lamp Stands, has already run its course and factually burned out!

Who are The True Shepherds, as now being so amply provided by Yahweh? These are they having been fully prophesied - so long ago - in Revelation Chapter 7... all of them are [indeed] True Israelites, having been Properly Sealed by Yahweh Himself... and being washed continuously, in The Blood Of The Lamb; lest they themselves should stumble amongst you....

Do not let their outward appearances deceive you, for Yahweh is no respecter of such Utterly Meaningless Appearances. Nor, has He ever been. But, rather, He thoroughly examines the person's inner-most being To The Core... and this is a place, whereupon no human being can honestly and truthfully gaze.

Instead, you must Study The Scriptures For Yourself, like those in Berea [did daily]: "To see, whether it was honestly so." This shall [definitely] be much more difficult, than merely following the ever-evolving teachings of one certain humanly-devised church... but, In The End, it shall be far more [personally] rewarding. Eternal Life patiently awaits and [even] diligently beckons to you... Just Firmly Embrace It, and don't ever let it go!

Ahava and Shalom.

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