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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Monday, February 28, 2011

When Will America, The False Prophet, Be Destroyed

Is "Ancient Tyre," America's True Birthplace?
I have already written about: "The Impending Destruction Of The United States [or, The False Prophet Of Revelation]" - in several of my previous postings. However, I can now offer you an increasing number of highly-specific details regarding it. Therefore, I have decided to post upon this topic, yet again....

The Proclamations Made Against "Latter Day" Egypt - which are found in: Isaiah Chapter 19 and Ezekiel Chapter 29 - are Parallel and Concurrent Prophecies with Those Made Against "Latter Day" Tyre [aka, America, or Tarshish]. These, can be found in: Isaiah Chapter 18, Isaiah Chapter 23, Ezekiel Chapter 26, Ezekiel Chapter 27, and Revelation 6 verses 7 through 8. The Destruction Of Both Of These Prophesied Nations come about At The Very Same Political Juncture in human history - according to the scriptures, where it states quite plainly:
  • "When the report comes to Egypt [at the time of Modern Day Egypt's great trouble - which is found in Isaiah 19 and Ezekiel 29], They also will be in agony at the report of Tyre [In Modern Day Tarshish - as foretold in Isaiah 18 and Ezekiel 26]." - Isaiah 23:5.
  • "And it shall come to pass in that day, That Yahweh will thresh, From the channel of the River [The Mighty Mississippi] to the Brook of Egypt [The Well-Renowned Nile]; And you [The Israelites] will be gathered one by one [I shall not miss even one of you], O you children of Israel [The ones whom I love]. So it shall be in that day [This shall certainly occur], That the great trumpet will be blown [The trumpet heralding Yahweh's Great and Imminent Feast to be held at The Wedding Of The Lamb]; They [The Children Of Israel] will come, who are about to perish in the land of Assyria [For their Humanly-Led and Aryan Government would desire to kill them within that nation], And they who are outcasts in the land of Egypt [And The Israelites who also dwell there as well], And shall worship Yahweh [Their Creator] in the Holy Mount at Jerusalem [At The True Table of His Feasts]." - Isaiah 27:12-13.

As you can see from The Daily News, these promised historical events are even now Beginning To Occur as prophesied. The Land Of Egypt and its surrounding kingdoms are increasingly [even now] being Plunged Into Great Political Turmoil in preparation for The Final Establishment of Latter Day Egypt - signifying that The Door will [now very soon] be opening for His Wedding Feast. It is now The Time Of Preparation, so that we must be setting Our Earthly Affairs in perfect order....

We Must Be:
  1. Exchanging our non-portable possessions for Silver and Gold - which can be easily carried to The Feast.
  2. Acquiring our documents to travel across Babylon's More Numerous Kingdoms.
  3. Seeking out: New, Clean, and White Wedding Garments.
  4. And filling our Lamps With Oil.

How Can I Be Absolutely Certain Of This?

The "United Nations Building" located in New York.
Because, The True Nation Of Tyre [or those who once inhabited her] once again began working for their pay in 1946. And this was Exactly 2520 Prophetic Days after the destruction of her once proud coasts, by King Nebudchadnezar. At that time, she once again began: "Committing fornication with all of the kingdoms of the world, upon the face of the earth" - as it was so long ago prophesied, that she would. See my article regarding: "The False Prophet of Revelation Chapter 13."

Ahava and Shalom.

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