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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Principalities And Powers

The ongoing war, between the "Principalities and Powers" - which most viciously rages all around us - can be summed up in two vertical and horizontal expressions, respecting all of the various participants duly-involved. Are [all of] our actions: the result and expression of Love, or motivated by purely Selfish and Debased Desire? Yahweh [or God] represents the first, and Lucifer [or Baal] represents the second! Meanwhile, the majority of all humanity is trapped somewhere in between them... and constantly shifting sides, in this ongoing battle.

Even, The Bible admits, it has been going on for numerous generations.... However, that fact should not have [in all honesty] been any excuse for our ongoing complacency. We have all failed, the only one who: both truly loves us and has always been there for us... Myself, included! I say this, not to harm anyone's feelings or to fuel emotions of self-loathing and doubt... but, rather, as an admission and acknowledgment of Truth... which is fully necessary, for us a humans, if we are to repair the breaches among us individually and between ourselves and Almighty God.

To the Non-Believer, certain things have always seemed a mystery about "The Sacred Scriptures"- both Old and New. Among these are: the explicit honesty with which they relate the failings of our [supposed] Patriarchs and Prophets, the [seemingly] disparate natures of God in the Old and New Testaments, and the dilemma presented by - "A Loving God," who will "happily torture millions for an eternity of time."

I can fully understand their stance - upon such scriptural honesty - in regard to Yahweh's apparently chosen messengers! They are thinking, that the simple associations with such continually errant humans would tarnish the message. After all, wouldn't that make them hypocrites? Sure, it very well does! However, they fail to account for one even more relevant fact.... No message can be [factually] judged upon the merits of its messenger alone... for, to do so, is utter foolishness!

Who knows better the problems associated with all forms of sin, than the sinner - who has personally gone through that particular sinful experience? The alcoholic knows far more of his own predilection, than any tea-tottler could ever potentially surmise. The man dying from emphysema, or lung cancer, can far more accurately describe his personal dilemma. And, the junkie beating his head upon the padded walls of any Drug Treatment Center can testify [quite adequately] through his chemically dependent behavior without even uttering a solitary word!

The honesty of The Sacred Scriptures was merely to show that Yahweh [Himself] doesn’t lie: ever, under any set of given circumstances, or for any exterior motivation! As the scriptures themselves relate: “Let God be true but every man a liar.” - Romans 3:4. He cannot lie… it’s, actually, that simple!

The seemingly disparate natures of Yahweh [God] found in the Old and New Testaments are the result of a very loving Father properly adjusting to the ongoing spiritual, or emotional, development of His slowly maturing offspring! While, a toddler is told to “Get Out Of The Road, Or Else…” a teenager, may be [somewhat-jokingly] chided, “Don’t Be A Putz!” Both techniques render the very same responses, but are merely dictated by the level of the child to utilize their non-existent or developing reasoning abilities - at that juncture in time.

Thus, even human parents demand obedience from their young, while equally attempting to [merely] plead or reason with them - once they are more mature and considerably older. Remember, Yahweh considers Himself “Our Father…” should it really seem so strange - that He might truly act like it, as well? Of course, this shouldn’t be a shock, now should it?

As for an eternally burning Hell, filled with ongoing and perpetual torment, there is no scriptural basis for such a blatant misunderstanding of God’s word! The Sacred Scriptures clearly relate that, “The Effect Is Eternal [i.e., permanent destruction],” not the actual punishment itself. For example, consider what Malachi 4:3 says:
You shall trample the wicked, For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet, On the day that I do this, says the Lord of Hosts.

What could be plainer than that? However, I can cite you so many other relevant scriptures along this line, it isn’t even funny! Rather, such carefully implanted and judiciously cultivated thoughts are the filthiness found in “The Cup Of Babylon The Great…” it was she, who sat in Yahweh’s proper place and has so long deceived you, regarding this lie, and so many others – just like it!

She has sought to effectually drive a solid spiritual wedge between: You and God… and, for millions of Judeo-Christian Believers, she has done so! That is why Yahweh commands you to: “Come Out Of Her, My People!” The End Of Time is nearly at hand… your Father’s arms are waiting… Won’t you come?

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