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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 24: A Message For Our Time. [Part 2 Of 2]

Isaiah Chapter 24 contains: "Much-Needed Information!"
In This Second Installment - of A Two Part Series - upon: "Isaiah Chapter 24: A Message For Our Time", we are going to cover The Inevitable Results of Yahweh's Own Restorative Actions Upon Humanity. Whereas the previous article covered the prophesy of Isaiah Chapter 24 from verses 1 to 13, this second article will continue at verse 14 and finish with verse 23. It was only broken into two parts, due to the large amount of Scriptural Material being extensively covered. I thoroughly apologize, for any personal inconvenience, that this may have caused!
  • ***Note: To read the first part of this article, please feel free to click upon the link being highlighted above... or [just]  >>>click here<<<  Please understand, that The First Part Of This Article is Highly Important - when attempting to fully understand this message! 

What Are, The Results Of Yahweh's Actions?
  • "They [Yahweh's Children] shall lift up their voice [shall very loudly proclaim to everyone around themselves], they shall sing [and it shall be a beautiful hymn to His ears]; For the majesty of Yahweh [for His True Glory] They shall cry aloud from the sea [from every: nation, tribe, tongue, kindred and people - none, shall hold their praises back from among them]."
  • "Therefore glorify Yahweh [sing Praises To and About Him - who has created it all] in the dawning light [as you begin to understand The True Message, which has finally broken out, as the first rays of dawn], The name of Yahweh of Israel [The Mighty One's True and Only Name - from the mouths of His True and Only Covenanted Nation] in the coastlands of the sea [who spiritually reside at the very fringes of Modern Day Babylon]."
  • "From the ends of the earth we have heard songs [the spiritually discerning shall proclaim These Right Messages everywhere]: 'Glory to the righteous [finally, we now understand these things]!' But I said, 'I am ruined, ruined [and yet, we must Somehow Rapidly Change Our Garments]! Woe to me [for I am now unsure, exactly, what to do]! The treacherous dealers [The Shepherds of Spiritual Babylon] have dealt treacherously [they have lied to us, muddied the clear waters, and confounded us], Indeed [surely this is The Truth], the treacherous dealers [every one of them] have dealt very treacherously [have brought us to Our Own Potential Ruin]."

There is [now]: So Little Time Left To Prepare and Such A Great Task At Hand - that the majority shall lose faith in their own abilities, towards obtaining Yahweh's Necessary Acceptance. While many are changing their own Spiritual Garments, and diligently seeking His Forgiveness, these More Naturally-Minded Human Beings shall begin looking for places To Hide or To Flee From His Soon Coming Wrath. Unfortunately for them, however, none of these efforts shall prove fruitful!

Yahweh's Proclamation Against: "The Children Of Babylon...."
  • "Fear [The Terror] and the pit [The Trap] and the snare [And Great Tragedy] Are upon you [shall pursue you, to the uttermost ends of the earth], O inhabitant of the earth [O you worldly wise man]."
  • "And it shall be [it shall certainly happen] That he who flees from the noise of the fear [or who escapes by observing the anguish of others] Shall fall into the pit [will stumble into The Trap], And he who comes up from the midst of the pit [through his own cleverness and exceptional human efforts] Shall be caught in the snare [for he is bounded to the earth by very secure ropes]; For the windows from on high are open [Yahweh's attention is now focused upon the earth], And the foundations of the earth are shaken [and there is nothing stable for a man to stand upon]."
  • "The earth is violently broken, The earth is split open, The earth is shaken exceedingly, The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, And shall totter like a hut; Its transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not rise again."
  • "It shall come to pass in that day That Yahweh will punish on high the host of exalted ones [who knew not their own heavenly positions], And on the earth the kings of the earth [who respected not their own human brothers]."
  • "They will be gathered together [their multitudes, in the valley of decision], As prisoners are gathered into the pit [as dead men are taken into their own graves], And will be shut up in the prison [which shall bind them very securely]; After many days [1000 years later] they will be punished [Yahweh shall hold His Day Of Judgment - wherein none might escape]."
  • "Then [after that time] the moon will be disgraced [earth's brightness shall be greater than the moon] And the sun shall be ashamed [for the earth shall be even brighter than the sun's great furnace]; For The Mighty One Himself will reign On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem And before His elders [and His Glory shall shine forth from it and about it], gloriously [very brightly, indeed]."

You see, Fleeing Isn't Really A Very Good Option! You can either: Trust In Yahweh, Listen To His Prophets, and Partake In "The Everlasting Covenant," or not - the choice is yours.... But, if you choose the former, then You Will Be Blessed - after, what shall be, an appropriate period of: "Common Chastening Towards All." This is the long promised: "Baptism By Fire" - as referenced in the scriptures - if you are discerning enough, to [honestly] realize it!

The True Faith - which shall be practiced by Yahweh's Latter Day Spiritual Israel - is neither: The Licentious Delusions Of Babylonian Christianity, nor The Properly Levitical Orthodoxy Of Modern Judaism... for: Christianity is a patently false teaching for anyone, and Modern Day Judaism [at the moment] still blindly rejects: "The Eternal Priesthood Of Yahshua." We must, therefore seek, The Properly Balanced and True Middle Path - known simply as: "The Straight And Narrow...."

Ahava [Love] and Shalom [Peace].

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