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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Defense Of Truth: A Word Plainly Spoken....

 In Defense Of Truth:
  • "He who has an ear, let him hear [for it never hurts anyone to openly and honestly listen]!"
  • "But to what shall I liken this generation [what can I, honestly, say of these foolish doubters]? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions, and saying, 'We played the flute for you, And you did not dance; We mourned to you, And you did not lament [we have tried Every Way Conceivable, to: Openly, Honestly, and Truthfully impart Our God-Given Messages, but yet, still nothing will work].'"
  • "For John came neither eating nor drinking [he abstained from every conceivable outward stumbling block towards others], and they say, 'He has a demon [for no one can possibly be so outwardly righteous].'"
  • "The Son of Man [Yahshua] came both: eating and drinking [because it has always been lawful to enjoy Yahweh's earthly blessings], and they say, 'Look, a gluttonous man and a winebibber [he cannot control His own physical cravings], a friend of tax collectors and sinners [he associates and interacts freely with all of society's scum]!'"
  • "But wisdom is justified by her children [and yet, both: of these outwardly, and polar opposites, were righteous servants to Yahweh... and The Second One, was even God's Only True Son.]." - Mathew 11:15-19.

A  Word Plainly Spoken:

Who has appointed, "You," as my judge?
I Have Made No Efforts towards profiting from this message directly! The few ads on my blogs are merely an [largely unsuccessful] attempt - upon my part - to defray the costs of this Ongoing and Full-Time Personal Activity. I work 32 hours a week, outside of my home, to pay for my own personal bills... while dedicating, far more time than that, to these writings - which have currently generated less than $50.00 - over The Past Two Years Of Ongoing Effort. And yet, I still keep on writing, because that is what I was always meant to do, at this specific juncture, in my own personal lifetime....

Just, So You Know:

I Have Not Solicited Donations from you through PayPal, nor have I [even] Published Copy-Written Books which you must purchase in order to receive the benefit of This God-Given Message. But rather, my intention was to utilize any money "Gained Through Such Noticeable Advertising" to First and Foremost further promote This Blog and The Messages Found Within It... and only then, if enough was [honestly] generated, To Support Myself As A Full-Time Activity - doing God's will for my own personal life. But, alas, I can't [even] afford To Properly Advertise And Promote These Last Day Messages....

All True Workers Are Worth Their Paychecks:

Can they not eat from what they have helped in providing?
Although, "The oxen is worth his feed in his treading out of the grain," there are very few who even understand this God-given Principle any longer. Instead, they would Amply Fund and Provide Lavishly For those who would gladly sell them: "A Gospel Of Greed And Licentiousness" - while simultaneously: Condemning God's True Servants for allowing an occasional advertisement. Are such things not found upon Free Television or National Radio... as a Commonly Understood and Socially-Accepted Method Of Funding, for the production costs of its content? How Jaded have we [honestly] become, when we cannot understand such Spiritually-Discerned Things, anymore?

Where The Rubber Meets The Road:

After all, I can't [truthfully] take it with me....
I Am currently in the process of Selling The Physical Baggage accumulated over a lifetime of human efforts - even at a physical loss, where necessary - because I Truly Believe In What I Am Now Writing, with a highly-deferential respect towards The Sacred Scriptures - in their entirety! Judge me harshly, if you must... but I [personally] Hold No Ill-Will Towards Any Man, not even those who would Gladly  Hound Me, Harm Me, or Persecute Me!

The True Value Of Any Message:

I'm just telling it, The Way That It Is.... The Validity Of A Message has absolutely nothing to do with the one who is honestly relating or accounting it, regardless of All Highly-Ignorant Claims To The Contrary! Whether The Messenger is: A Slave or A Prince, Largely Uneducated or Possessing Numerous Degrees, A Great Sinner or [even] A Well-Recognized Saint - bears no relevant significance to The Message Being Given itself. It is either: True or False, Correct or Incorrect, and Important or Unimportant - based upon, Its Own Actual Merits....

There are many who [honestly] serve a crown....
For All Kings, possess human servants of Divergent Types and Personal Descriptions -  of differing: Human Ethics, Societal Positions, Personal Circumstances, and [even] Individual Levels Of Ability -  who are charged with carrying out their orders and/or actively relaying his messages. And [Yes], Some Of Them will: Intentionally Lie, Subtly Alter His Message, and/or Unintentionally Deceive - during this Highly-Important And Ongoing Process..... But, The King has issued His faithful servants "A Cryptographic Key" - in the form of His Sacred Scriptures - both: Old and New Testaments - to [properly] compare These Incoming Messages by... and He has warned them, To Fully Utilize This Particular Procedure: "To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to these, then it is because there is no light within them." Isn't that what it [honestly] says?

Yahweh has always said, "Evaluate and Judge Rightly, by scrutinizing meticulously The Messages, which they [honestly] bring you!" While speaking thus-ly of His own servants, "Judge Not [do not condemn anyone], Lest you also be Judged [for the harshness with which you treat them, He Himself takes personally]."

Just, Think About It, This Way:

If we [honestly] take it upon ourselves to judge, or condemn, anyone - then we risk all three of the following and inescapable human errors....
  1. Yahweh made everyone upon the earth for His own preplanned intents and divine purposes. To Prejudge The Creation Of Yahweh is to [really or actually] Prejudge Yahweh Himself!
  2. By Prejudging The Messages Given - based [merely] upon any particularly irrelevant detail regarding His servant - Fully Obstructs Yahweh's True Work and places us squarely upon the side of: "He Who Opposes And Obstructs Yahweh's Own Plan." Whether we realize it, or not!
  3. He Who Accepts Proper Teaching - regardless of where it comes from - Will Receive The Reward For Doing So... but, He Who Rejects Sound Teaching - for any rationalized reason - Will Be Punished Commensurately.

Hey, These Aren't My Ideas, folks.... They're Yahweh's! Why not, just take it up, with my Boss? I'm sure, that He can explain it, even better than I....

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