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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yahweh's "Sabbath Day" - A Long Forgotten Commandment

The Ten Commandments given to "All Israel."
Of the Ten Great Commandments, having been given to "All Israel" [both Christians and Jews] at Mount Sinai, only one of them began with the word "Remember." Consequently, we should ask ourselves: "Exactly, why is that the case?" Are any of the prophetically given Ten Commandments, more important, than any other? Certainly Not! For, as the scriptures indicate, they hang as a whole - fully undivided spiritually - from the inherent godly nature of Our Solitary Creator. Moreover, they have all been equally quoted as being: Immutable, Unalterable, and Written In Stone....

Like Yahweh Himself, His Ten Commandments are equally described as being: Absolutely Perfect, Wholly Without Flaw, and Righteous... for, a God who fully understands "The End From The Beginning," can find no real necessity towards the imposition of any theological change! Nor, with a proper understanding of Yahshua's own spiritual nature, could such grossly errant and [honestly] misguided understandings ultimately develop - out of the spiritual deference for Him.

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