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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Hasn't Jesus [Yahshua] Returned Yet

Scroll of the PsalmsImage via Wikipedia
The Scroll of The Psalms.
While "Laodicea" keeps peddling its: ' False Visions ' and ' Fairy Tales ', and deceiving the entire earth in the process, Yahweh is completing His Greatest Work Of All. Everything occurs for His predestined purposes... nothing escapes His all-powerful control... and all, goes according to His plans! And yet, many remain blissfully and ignorantly unaware of His ' Long Prophesied Game Plan '... asking, among themselves: " Why hasn't Jesus [ Yahshua ] returned yet? "

In Mathew, We Read:
" The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] said to My Mighty One [ Yahshua ], 'Sit at My right hand [ Stay Up Here ], Till I make Your enemies Your footstool. '" - Mathew 22:44.
{***NOTE: Of course, The Full Passage - of this particular scripture - wasn't presented in The New Testament at all... it's found only in The Old Testament book of Psalms! Psalm 110, to be precise... and I would advise everyone interested, to read it for themselves.}

Monday, May 16, 2011

Malachi Chapter 4: "The 1888 Message" - for dummies....

Torah inside of the former Glockengasse synago...Image via Wikipedia
The Torah.
Malachi is one of the most overlooked and undervalued books in The Bible. In fact, if it wasn't for: "The Popular Concept Of Tithing" - I strongly doubt that the churches would have even included it within The Canon Of Scripture. Why do I say this? Because, the churches ignore every other message within this book; and they do so, for one very good reason. Absolutely none of them are worthy of truthfully receiving it!

In just four very short chapters, Malachi exposes all of 'The Frauds' - being perpetrated by The Mainstream Churches. From: "The Gospel Of Greed" to, "The Teaching Of Licentiousness..." - and it repudiates them all. But in the shortest chapter of them all [Malachi Chapter 4], it provides its greatest instruction - for those who are, then, living in 'The End Times.' This is: "The 1888 Message Of Sanctification And Holiness" aka, "The Elijah Message" - which was first, so foolishly, rejected by the various Protestant Movements over 100 years ago!

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