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According to the scripture, America is headed for physical destruction....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 24: A Message For Our Time. [Part 2 Of 2]

Isaiah Chapter 24 contains: "Much-Needed Information!"
In This Second Installment - of A Two Part Series - upon: "Isaiah Chapter 24: A Message For Our Time", we are going to cover The Inevitable Results of Yahweh's Own Restorative Actions Upon Humanity. Whereas the previous article covered the prophesy of Isaiah Chapter 24 from verses 1 to 13, this second article will continue at verse 14 and finish with verse 23. It was only broken into two parts, due to the large amount of Scriptural Material being extensively covered. I thoroughly apologize, for any personal inconvenience, that this may have caused!
  • ***Note: To read the first part of this article, please feel free to click upon the link being highlighted above... or [just]  >>>click here<<<  Please understand, that The First Part Of This Article is Highly Important - when attempting to fully understand this message! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 24: A Message For Our Time. [Part 1 Of 2]

While The Entire World focuses its feeble-minded attention upon The New Testament Scriptures, in hope of finding some True Understanding - as to, [precisely] what is going on around them - Yahweh's True Believers have been studying The Old Testament quite diligently. Why "The Old Testament?" Because The Old Testament is what Yahshua was so thoughtfully referencing - when He was truthfully explaining, every single thing that He Taught!

Even more importantly, His Own Abbreviated [or summarized] Explanations of The End Times are more fully fleshed out in The Old Testament Prophecies - as Yahweh Himself always intended, that they would be. For, there has only been One Plan Of Salvation, since the very beginning! After all, Abraham Is The Root and the rest of us are [merely] The Lesser Branches.

Meanwhile, Abraham had only Two Physical Arms, in which we might conceivably be grafted... and those were: Israel and Judah. There was No Third Limb found anywhere upon his own body! Christianity is a creation of: "Spiritual Babylon;" and a carefully constructed product of: Illusion, Deception, and Confusion... and make no mistake, about it: "The treacherous dealers have dealt [with us] treacherously, Indeed, the treacherous dealers have dealt [with us] very treacherously." - just as, The Prophet Isaiah has fully recorded. For very few of us, are so well-grounded, as to fully recognize this Long Prophesied and Spiritual Trap!

Let Us, Therefore, Study Isaiah Chapter 24....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Best Investment Advice, That You'll Ever Receive From Yahweh....

The Third Seal Of  Revelation has already begun.
While Many Have Truthfully Chosen: "The Gospel Of Greed" over "The True Gospel Of Yahshua"  - thanks to Babylon's Numerous False Shepherds - The Sacred Scripture does offer excellent Long Term Financial Advice... and, it also includes, Some Very-Timely and [even] Highly-Specific Instructions - pertaining to specific: Seasons, Times, and Events - of Certain Historical Significance.

For Instance, "The Third Seal Of Revelation" is described as:

Of course, Such Highly-Useful Information wouldn't mean anything to His Own Followers, if they hadn't noticed: The Two World Wars [Revelation Chapter 6] and The Two Great Rumors [Mathew chapter 24] - which had already preceded it. After all, The Scriptures state, that many shall be: "Sleeping Soundly At That Time..." and that: "Only The Very Elect Shall [Honestly] Understand These Things" - after they have [factually] already occurred. For, Such Proper Understandings will not be available - from within, The Churches Of Spiritual Babylon... but only made manifest, through Yahweh's Own True Spirit!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Instructions From Yahweh: "For Modern Day Israel"

One of many Passionate Appeals Concerning America....
Having listened to certain Recent Youtube Videos, over the course of the last few months, I must admit to being: Personally Disturbed, Deeply Troubled, and even Highly Perplexed - by them.... I am speaking, of course, about the rapidly increasing number of Flee America Videos - like: "Run Forrest Run"   - wherein, so many Truly Sincere Believers are so passionately pleading with their American Counterparts to fearfully run away - from what's surely coming upon us. Please, dear bretheren, "Get A Grip On It!"

As even my own helpmate is aware, Yahweh is: "Fully in control of this situation [as always]..." nor, "Is His arm shortened, that He cannot save to the uttermost, those that place their own trust fully in Him..." and, "He does nothing without alerting His prophets beforehand." Although America Is Undoubtedly In Serious Trouble [being slated for its own eventual and total annihilation], His True Israelites [a great many, who currently dwell among her] Shall Be Prophetically Led To Safety - all, in due time.... Nor, is this Mere Speculation, or My Own Idle Boast... because it has been [both]: Shown To Me Personally In Vision, and Equally Confirmed Through The Ongoing Study Of His Scriptures!

As It Has Been Written In The Scriptures: 
  • "We also have the prophetic word made more sure [through that knowledge, that His own prophets continue to receive - unto this very day], which you do well to heed [by actively listening to it, and thoughtfully confirming it - through the scriptures] as a light that shines in a dark place [for the greater The Spiritual Darkness that is now all around you, the more brilliant The Light that substantially appears], until the day dawns [the Greater Light Of Yahshua finally returns to the Earth] and the morning star rises in your hearts [His Own Holy Spirit is firmly invested within you];"
  • "knowing this first [and understanding it, above all else], that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation [the prophets didn't seek their own personal desires, and neither should you], for prophecy never came [not even once] by the will of man [due to their own wicked and naturally-minded intentions], but holy men of Yahweh [those whom, He has personally chosen, before their-own birth] spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit [for, it continually guided and directed their own personal thoughts]."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Middle Path Is Neither: Zealotry, Nor Licentiousness - All Things Must Be In Proper Balance

As things are now: "Heating Up [Politically] In America," and around the world in general - due to the deepening and worsening effects of the Humanly Inflicted and Intentionally Caused: "Third Seal Of Revelation" - many [previously] Self Professed Christians are beginning to question: "All Of The Lies," that they have been given, by: "The Mother Harlots;" and her [numerous] Spiritually Confused Daughters [the Mainstream and Traditional Churches]. Undoubtedly, this is a very good thing... because: "The Acceptance Of All Truth" - Absolutely Requires: "A: Sincere, Inquisitive, Spiritually Led, and Open Mind!"

Believe it, or not, "Zealotry" is a double-edged sword; and an extremely dangerous one - with respect toward One's Own Personal Salvation. And this is why, The Scriptures Fully Condemn It - just as strongly, as: "The Spirit Of Licentiousness" - upon which, The Erroneous Concept of: "Once Saved, Always Saved"  is [itself] So Unduly Founded. Yahweh fully desires: "Worship In Spirit And In Truth..." for All Of Us To, "Walk The Straight And Narrow Path..." and To Have Us, "Neither: Swerving To The Left [through, Licentiousness], Nor Veering To The Right [through, Spiritual Zealotry]" - as it was, so eloquently, written in The Scriptures!

In Fact, "The Zealot" is [truthfully] No Better Off Spiritually, than: The Hypocrite, The Liar, The Thief, or [even] The Murderer! Why? Because, He Is: "Blinded [to his own personal inadequacies, while simultaneously judging all others];" "He Will Not Listen The Truth [and in fact, will vehemently argue against it, without even listening to those with whom he continually argues];" "His Utter Confusion Is Factually Spread To Others [thus, causing many more people to otherwise stumble, or lose their own spiritual inheritance];" and "He Will Even Cause Physical Harm To Others [in his efforts towards silencing them, whenever he deems it fully necessary to do so]...." The Holy Spirit cannot, and will not, dwell within The Heart Of A Zealot

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is America: "Babylon The Great," Or, "The False Prophet" - You Decide ....

Increasing Demonstrations In The United States.
As America increasingly stumbles and falters, more and more people around the globe are being intuitively led to the scriptures which prophesy: "The Imminent Destruction Of Babylon...." And considering, that we are already living within: "The Third Seal Of Revelation,"  this isn't [really] so surprising! But, are they 'Truly Correct' in [honestly] jumping to such rapid and naturally-minded conclusions? Could it be, that: "Babylon The Great" - whose true destruction follows that of: "His Deceptive False Prophet" - is an entirely different and even more pervasive entity?

Just because A Very Rich and Powerful Nation is well upon its way to destruction, doesn't necessarily make her "Babylon The Great!" In fact, numerous modern day nations are living with End Time Proclamations against them - according to the sacred scriptures.

Some Modern Day Examples:
  • The European Union [aka, Babylon The Great].
  • The United States [aka, The False Prophet and The Descendants Of Ancient Tyre].
  • The United Kingdom [aka, The Descendants Of Sidon].
  • Italy [aka, The Descendants Of Chaldea].
  • Germany [aka, The Descendants Of Assyria Proper].
  • Egypt, Its Lesser Kingdoms, and Ethiopia [aka, The Currently Rising Islamic Caliphate].
  • And [even] Syria....
For all of These Modern Day Nations have [actively] conspired against Yahweh, over the entire course of Earth's History. None of them stands blameless before Him. And Yahweh has appointed a specified time for each of their own Physical Destructions!

So, for The First Side In This Debate - please watch the following, YouTube Video... and then, consider The Proper and Scriptural Response - which I have included after it.

YahshuaTheKing a video blogger with "Fairly Good Insight" into the scriptures....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 59: The World Is Plunged Into Great Spiritual Darkness

Isaiah Chapter 59: "As A Light Shining In A Dark Place."
In Isaiah Chapter 59, we read about: "A Time Of Great Spiritual Darkness" - just prior to Yahshua's Prophesied Return. Nor, did this 'Spiritual Darkness' occur overnight, but had been: Long In Coming, Carefully Cultivated By Those Forces Behind It, and Intentionally Premeditated Upon Their Behalf. For this has been: "The Mystery Of Lawlessness" - as referenced in 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2; and continually, throughout  both of: The Old and New Testaments!

The Question Upon The Minds Of Many, however, is: "Why did Yahweh intentionally allow this to happen?" For, He Has Most-Certainly Done So; and the results have been [seemingly] disastrous for the rest of humanity. And yet, it is highly-important that we may obtain to, A Truly Spiritual and Long-Term Perspective: Cities Can Be Rebuilt, Material Possessions Can Be Recovered, and [Yes] Even Lost Lives Can Be Fully Restored - but, The Spiritual Lessons [being currently imparted] shall bear: "An Eternal Fruit For The Entire Race Of Humanity..." for, it has been [frequently] written: "Lawlessness Shall Never Arise A Second Time!"

Just as Yahweh fully allowed for: "Pharoah, hardening his own heart" - to display His Own Spiritual Glory, before all other nations of the earth - He has allowed This Second Physical Example, to Personally and Deeply Afflict all of the world's lesser and greater nations, that the entire earth might receive the substantial benefit of These Highly-Important Spiritual Lessons - for once and for all time.... Otherwise, The Ongoing Psychosis Of Sin and Lawlessness could never be fully extirpated from its continued existence among us!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tomorrow's World Magazine: A Somewhat Useful Source Of General Information

The "Tomorrow's World" Magazine  Logo.
Having received this month's issue of Tomorrow's World Magazine [the March/April 2011 issue], I read the articles with great personal interest as always. Not, particularly, because of their Remarkable Prophetic Accuracy - since, they seldom have any at all... but, because of their overall excellence in just providing Good Basic Spiritual Information - in general. For, it is quite obvious to anyone, that they haven't been gifted in the area of Understanding The Scriptural Prophecies!

How can I, A Lone Individual, honestly say this - of an organization made up of So Many Numerous and Well-Intentioned Believers? It's pretty simple, actually, since their own published articles continually declare it - despite all of their human efforts to the contrary! It is glaringly obvious, from what they write in them... and even more so, from what they continually leave out.  Just consider, the following [March/April] article, entitled simply: "When Will Christ Return?"....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Is "The Wedding Garment"

In The Parable Of The Wedding Feast, Yahshua taught several KEY Concepts about His Father's Kingdom which numerous: Preachers, Teachers, Clerics, and Scholars - all around the world - have taught upon for centuries. I would be very surprised to hear of any Christian Denomination [or Sect] that hadn't had at least one sermon upon this very same Parable! And yet, no one can ever satisfactorily explain: "The man who lacked, wearing, 'The Wedding Garment'....."

If The Servants [or Messengers] who gathered the guests were His Holy Angels, then surely they couldn't have mistakenly gathered up those lacking Yahweh's Required and True Seal of His Own Fully-Embodied Perfection... and this is A Highly Important and [even] Key Understanding! As always, Yahweh's Servants are merely chosen from among their fellow men; and "In The End Time" Yahweh shall not deviate from The Very Same and Consistent Pattern, which has already been Established Throughout Human History.

Consider, These Two Simple Scriptures:
  • "For I am Yahweh, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. Yet from the days of your fathers You have gone away from My ordinances and have not kept them.  'Return to Me, and I will return to you,' Says The Mighty One." - Malachi 3:6-7.
  • "But as the days of Noah were, so will also the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." - Mathew 24:38-39.

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